News from the Adobe Security Partner Community: Euthymics BioScience uses Electronic Signatures to Reduce Cost and Improve Integrity

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Euthymics BioScience, a start-up biotechnology company focused on developing next generation treatments for neuropsychiatric disorders, is now using Adobe Acrobat and GlobalSign Certified Document Services (CDS) signature credentials to digitally sign key documents, according to a recent announcement from GlobalSign, a member of the Adobe Security Partner Community. Euthymics can now eliminate the time and money associated with the traditional paper, pen, routing, and archiving of wet ink signatures, and also better meet critical US Food and Drug Administration requirements, which place a high priority on document authentication and integrity.

Tying together Adobe Acrobat, GlobalSignCDS digital certificates, and SafeNethardware tokens, “delivers both security and convenience,” says AnthonyMcKinney, President and CEO of Euthymics.

“This…has significantly reduced the cost, timeand complexities of existing processes, including the reduction ofoverheads associated with document storage, security, transportation,delivery and archiving, and reducing approval cycle times, handling anddistribution of documents from remote locations.” – GlobalSign

Adobe’s Certified Document Services program allows organizations topurchase digital signature credentials from noted certificate providerslike GlobalSign which, when used to apply signatures, will be seen asvalid and trusted when opened in AdobeReader and Acrobat version 6.0+.

For more information on Certified Document Services, and what it cando for your organization, please click here.

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Posted on 02-24-2010