Trust Marches Onward: Adobe Approved Trust List Welcomes Two New Members

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Some of our savvy readers and users may have already noticed a dialog box asking them to download a “security settings update from Adobe Systems”:


No, it’s not the latest patch.  In fact, by clicking Yes, Acrobat and Reader 9+ users are downloading an update to the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL), a list of trusted digital certificates that provides users with better assurances that the digitally signed documents they are receiving can be trusted.  This is visible to document recipients as a green check mark or blue ribbon, depending on the type of digital signature.

In this update, four certificates, two each from Entrust and QuoVadis respectively, have been added to the AATL…

  • Entrust Managed Services NFI Root CA – MediumHardware
  • Entrust Managed Services Commercial Private Root CA -Commercial – High Assurance
  • QuoVadis Root CA – QV Advanced+, QVQualified, Qualifiedtime-stamping authority
  • QuoVadis Root CA 3 – QV Advanced+, QVQualified, Qualifiedtime-stamping authority

With the addition of thesecertificates, Acrobat and Reader now natively trust 15 certificatefamilies from around the world, including government and commercialcredentials, in addition to the six already trusted since 2005 with theadvent of the CertifiedDocument Services program.  All of these certificate authoritiesare required to maintain a high bar in regards to policy and proceduresfor the generation, protection, provisioning and revocation of theircertificates, in order to become a member of these two programs.

Weexpect to have another, larger, update to the AATL over the summer tobring an even greater number of international certificate authoritiesinto the fold.

For more information on the AATL, please visit this site.

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Posted on 04-22-2010