Just Unveiled: Adobe eSignatures – Making it Easier than Ever to Sign Electronic Documents

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Signatures are utterly ubiquitous today…so much so, that we don’t even recognize how often and in how many different ways we are signing off on things. Of course, we’re all well-aware when we’re signing a legal document in person, like a mortgage or rental agreement. But we’re also assenting to a purchase when we chicken-scratch our signature on grocery store point-of-sale terminals.  (OK, that’s my chicken scratch.)  Did you know we’re also signing and assenting to a contract when we install software, or agree to privacy terms on a website, by clicking an ‘I agree’ button?  

The truth is, there are many different ways in which we can express our intent.  In the paper world, some agreements require the signatures of multiple parties.  Others, by tradition, necessitate the signer use dozens of pens to sign one name!  Yet others require the use of specially designed stamps.  Different types of signatures for different types of transactions.

These same variations carry over into the electronic realm, based on
necessity, expediency, cost, regulations, and local and national laws.

We’ve explained in this blog what electronic signatures are and how they work.  Adobe eSignatures, launched last week, provides yet another option – a very convenient way to send documents out for electronic signature minus the cost of express delivery.

Simply log in, upload your PDF document…


…enter the email address(es) of the person(s) who need to review and sign it, and hit ‘send.’  That’s it!  All of the signers will receive an email directing them to the Adobe eSignatures site where they can then view the document and sign it.


Once everyone has signed the document, a final document is produced that is digitally signed (certified) by the service, providing an authentic copy of the fully signed document that is protected against alterations.


Click on the following link for an example:

Non-Disclosure Agreement_signed.pdf

Our customers have an incredibly diverse set of needs and requirements when it comes to closing deals, publishing documents, and getting things done easier, cheaper and faster electronically.  Adobe’s broad ecosystem of electronic signature capabilities aims to meet those requirements, whether it’s through complex routing, approval, and signature processes (Managed Review and Approval Solution); digital signatures formatted and created in a specific way (PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures); documents requiring heightened levels of authenticity (US Government Printing Office); in-branch, in-person signatures (Berliner Sparkassen bank); or now, simple, efficient click-thru signatures with the Adobe eSignatures service, based on our own LiveCycle components.  Even internally at Adobe we’ve embraced this variation by enabling many of our own non-negotiated agreements to be signed via click-thru signatures

For more information on Adobe eSignatures, read the corporate blog here or go experience the service for yourself…it’s free!

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Posted on 05-17-2010