SuisseID Launches in Switzerland – Adobe Approved Trust List Enables Trust for Several Providers

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Last week, the Swiss government announced (English translation) the launch of the SuisseID, a program intended to provide citizens and business with access to high assurance identity credentials that can be used to access government and business services as well as digitally sign documents with legally binding signatures.

Two Members of the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL), SwissSign and newly joined QuoVadis, are also key Providers in the SuisseID program.

SuisseID digital signature certificates from these vendors (and the signatures created bythem) will be automatically trusted in Acrobat andReader 9+ because of these providers’ participation in the AATL.

You can view sample signeddocuments here from QuoVadisand SwissSign,respectively.  (You will need Acrobat or Reader 9+ to experience thenative trust provided by the AATL.) 

The SuisseID is availablefor 99 Swiss Francs, but, for the rest of the year, will be offered at alower price via a subsidy from the government intended to encourage adoption. The more businesses and citizens that use the technology, according tothe State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), the morebenefits will be achieved.  Currently more than 50 online business areenabled to use the SuisseID.  Government services include the processing of value-added taxes (VAT), customs, age verification, etc.

The SuisseID can be ordered from Die Post / SwissSign or QuoVadis in a variety of formfactors, including smart cards and USB tokens.



TheSwiss authorities expect that 200K-300K IDs will be in circulation bythe end of the year.

For our German speaking readers, you can watch a brief television spoton the announcement here.

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Posted on 05-11-2010