A Perfect Match (Ready for New and Exciting Challenges)

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A lot of my friends in the industry are curious why I chose Adobe among the opportunities I was considering when I decided I was due for a change. My new team at Adobe suggested this was a great topic to kick off my first ASSET blog post. So here goes…

The first thing to understand about me is that I love engaging with people to help solve security issues from both technical and people/process angles.   I believe that the technical aspect of a security issue is only a small part of a broader people and process problem.   This is what makes the community engagement side of my security work so intriguing.

It also allows me to strategically think about the best way to help influence and solve the immediate tactical problem (the technical part) by addressing the strategic long term issues in the people and process realm. Another reason why I was drawn to security is that it’s never short on challenges to keep you on your toes. Fresh challenges definitely keep things exciting.

Enter Adobe.  Adobe’s present position with regards to security is really unique and definitely challenging (multiple platforms, broad feature profiles, incredible reach, etc).  So as I learned more about Adobe I was drawn to the following things about the company:

  • A budding security culture that’s already started to get woven into the company’s DNA.
  • Smart technologists with a passion for doing the right thing for customers, particularly around security.
  • A company whose technologies have a long reach on multiple platforms. (Which means more toys for me to play with!)
  • A central product security team full of dedicated security professionals.
  • A place where I can engage every conceivable external audience on the topic of product security.
  • Not least, I finally found some sunshine! (Anyone that has lived in Seattle for sometime will appreciate this last one.)

With all of this I saw the opportunity to help make an impact on the security landscape. I was sold on joining the Adobe team.  Adobe is the right fit for my interest, talents and passions.  Look to hear a lot from me via the ASSET blog, Twitter and in person on what we (Adobe) are doing around product security.

It’s going to be a great ride.


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