Trust, Enhanced: More updates to the Adobe Approved Trust List

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Today, Adobe pushed out yet another update to its certificate trust program implemented in Adobe Reader and Acrobat.  The AATL program, launched in 2009, makes it easier for users to view and rely on digitally signed PDFs by automatically displaying a green checkmark for those signature credentials which meet higher assurance requirements when opened in Reader and Acrobat 9 and X.

The update today included the Columbian A.C. Raiz Certicamara S. A. root certificate for Acrobat and Reader X.


Screenshot showing green checkmark in Acrobat X Pro on digitally signed document from Certicamara.


This follows an update last month that included a 3rd certificate authority from Entrust ( CA) as well as the US Federal Government’s latest Federal Common Policy root certificate (expiring in 2030) for both version 9 and X of Acrobat & Reader.

With these two latest updates, the Adobe Approved Trust List now includes 18 certificates from around the world.  Adobe expects to deliver many more updates this year, as we have significant interest in the program.

For more information on the AATL, please visit this site.


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Posted on 05-23-2011