The Latest on Adobe’s 2011 Conference Schedule

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Hi there!

 Steve here, checking in to give you an update on where the Adobe product security team’s travels are taking us next.

 Brad Arkin will deliver the Thursday keynote at the 2011 OWASP AppSecEU Conference in Dublin, Ireland on June 10, 2011.

 As the Chair of I’ll be presiding over FIRST’s 23rd annual conference in Vienna, Austria, from June 12-17, 2011. The Adobe PSIRT group manager, David Lenoe, will also be in attendance.

The next stops after this will be other conferences in North America, such as REcon 2011 in Montreal, Canada, and (our favorite) Black Hat 2011 USA in Las Vegas. Bryan Sullivan’s Black Hat talk on “Server-Side JavaScript Injection: Attacking NoSQL and node.js” has already been accepted.

See you there!  🙂

Steve aka  “Cap’n Steve”  Adegbite

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