Approaching Cloud Security From Two Perspectives

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Last month, I was in Amsterdam to give a talk at SecureCloud 2014, a conference hosted by the Cloud Security Alliance. The conference attendees included a number of governmental policy-makers, and provided an opportunity for people from around the world to discuss the future of cloud computing security.

This conference was co-sponsored by the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security, or ENISA. They are actively working toward assisting Europe in adopting cloud technologies and simplifying governmental regulations across Europe. Therefore, they were able to attract representatives from several governments to share ideas on leveraging the cloud for the betterment of Europe.

EU Governments are Adopting Cloud Technology

To set context for the state of cloud adoption, Udo Helmbrecht, the Executive Director of ENISA, shared this slide during his presentation depicting the deployment model of government clouds in different countries. This information was from ENISA’s  Good Practice Guide for securely deploying Governmental Clouds

EU Slide


According to their numbers, at least 14 EU countries have developed a national cloud strategy or digital agenda. The European Commission is spearheading a number of initiatives, such as “Unleashing the Potential of Cloud Computing in Europe“, aimed at encouraging further uptake of cloud computing services in the EU, both in the public and private sector. ENISA is working together with the European Council on several of those initiatives such as defining the role of cloud certification schemes.

One example of governments taking advantage of the cloud was given by Evangelos Floros, the product manager for Okeanos. Okeanos is a public cloud built for the Greek academic and research community. In addition, Arjan de Jong presented on how the Dutch government is experimenting with a closed, government cloud for internal use. If their experiment is successful, then they will progress towards expanding the scale of their cloud offerings. Many of the presentations from SecureCloud can be found on their website.

A Different Perspective from Amsterdam

It was interesting to see all the different top-down, government perspectives from policy-makers at the CSA SecureCloud conference last month. This month, I will be back in Amsterdam for the Hack in the Box conference and Haxpo. This will be a very different group of people who help secure the Internet from the bottom up through innovative exploit techniques and secure implementations. Karthik Raman and I will be presenting there on the topic of securing cloud storage. Our presentation will involve a mix of cloud strategy as well as some technical implementation solutions. If you are attending, please come by our talk or the Adobe booth to say hello.

Peleus Uhley
Lead Security Strategist



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Posted on 05-21-2014