Adobe @ CS3STHML-2017

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It was a great experience to present in CS3STHLM-2017 in Stockholm recently. My talk was on the topic ‘S in IoTs is for Security’ which focused on the causes and security concerns associated with the Internet of Things. The presentation showcased the demonstration of techniques to take over the most commonly used smart devices. The highlights of my talk were:

  1. Viewing real time DVR streaming without authentication
  2. Controlling a Smart BLE bulb
  3. Gaining shell in a well-known Smart Plug

The presentation also had few security recommendations which device manufacturers should keep in mind while designing and manufacturing the devices. My talk was followed by a panel discussion where I shared my insights on the biggest security challenges in IoT/IIoT.

The conference also gave me an opportunity to interact with attendees on various topics. There were sessions on quite advanced topics in the field of ICS such as securing the SCADA protocol for 21st century and using old school techniques to discover backdoors in modern devices. It was an overall great experience to represent Adobe in Stockholm as one of our security champions and experts.

Akriti Srivastava
Security Engineer

Industry Events

Posted on 12-08-2017