See us at BlackHat and Join our Workshop @ DefCon 2018

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This year members of our security team will again travel to Las Vegas to attend two of the largest security conferences – BlackHat 2018 & DefCon 2018. The talks can range from “cool bugs” to “conceptual issues that require long term solutions” – all information valuable to our teams in attendance for keeping up with the latest trends in threat intelligence and defense. These events also give our security team an opportunity to network with peers and customers to share the latest knowledge and best practices.

A big part of this knowledge sharing effort will come from one of our security researchers, Vaibhav Gupta, who will be leading a workshop at DefCon 2018 with Sandeep Singh from NotSoSecure on understanding attacks and defense in Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments. Attendees at this workshop will learn about the delta in attack surface when moving to cloud and how to better architect and build defenses to handle this delta. If you are attending DefCon this year, please find your way into this workshop – the information will be helpful to those looking to build cloud apps.

Our team looks forward to meeting you at either BlackHat or DefCon this week.

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Posted on 08-07-2018