Sharpening Technical Skills at the Adobe Security Mini Summit

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Recently, Adobe hosted its internal Security Mini Summit, which is an extension to our biennial Tech Summit, bringing together thousands of Adobe engineering, research and operations staff to gather and share best practices. The Security Mini Summit was open to anyone from across the company currently working in or interested in security. It was a very productive day of learning all about the top security initiatives happening across the company. The Mini Summit also hosted workshops to help participants better hone our security skills, while getting to know one another.

One of the major highlights of the day was being able to hear from Adobe’s Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Dana Rao. Dana shared his topline goals for the year and offered his perspective on the security and privacy landscape. It was nice to hear what top executives outside of our security organization are thinking about when it comes to making security a priority.

It was also illuminating and exciting to hear about all the other great cutting-edge security engineering work going on around Adobe. We learned about major innovations around container security, machine learning, and compliance automation (topics that will be covered here in future Security@Adobe blog posts). It was also good to be able to meet the drivers of these initiatives face-to-face so that we can learn more deeply about how they will benefit our projects and strengthen the security posture of Adobe as a whole.

The final activity of the day included workshops designed to help build threat modeling skills and come up with novel ways to solve security problems. Teams were composed of people with varying levels of security knowledge, allowing each of us to bring our strengths to the table and learn from others. These exercises really helped highlight the opportunities and challenges of ongoing information security management here at Adobe. They also helped us think more deeply about how our roles fit into Adobe’s broader security and compliance objectives.

Working in security can sometimes be tedious day-to-day. These events enable us to get away from our desks and focus on the big picture of what we are accomplishing in security across the company. As good as video conferencing technology has become, it is good that we get to have these in-person training events to keep us connecting with others, motivated and focused.

Udochi Nwobodo
Security Engagement Specialist

Joe Stinson
Computer Scientist

Community, Major Initiatives, Secure Product Lifecycle (SPLC)

Posted on 02-28-2019