OWASP Meetup on Container Security @ Adobe

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As part of our ongoing commitment to support the broader security community, Adobe recently hosted a San Francisco-Bay Area OWASP Meetup event on the topic of container security. The event was very popular with both our internal teams as well as security community members at other companies in the area with a “waitlist” of folks wanting to attend as we reached capacity.

Madhu Akula, cloud security researcher, who also runs training sessions at security events and conferences like DEFCON and Blackhat, led this workshop and discussion. He started with the basics of deploying and using Docker containers and Kubernetes for those not as familiar with this environment. He also educated attendees about the architecture and security features available for the environment. Then the latter half focused on more detailed knowledge about how to properly harden the Docker and Kubernetes environments. He provided examples uncovered by researchers of possible vulnerabilities if your environment is not properly hardened.

Adobe plans to host more of these local meetups for the security community to further encourage knowledge sharing between our experts and other industry professionals.

Amrit Pal Singh
Sr. Security Engineer – Adobe Stock

Photos from the event:

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Posted on 08-27-2019