Only Share With Those Who Really Need to Know


As users of technology we need to take responsibility in helping secure our personal data, because if we don’t those assets could be accessed without our knowledge/permission and even worse our identity could be stolen. On a personal level, I have a family member whose data was leaked through an unknown source and used to extort and threaten them. They were forced to purchase new phones, new phone plans, delete social media accounts, and change email addresses in order to help stop the threats.

The use of data helps make our lives more convenient and streamlined which likely means the proliferation of online data and devices are here to stay. There is one best practice that each of us can apply that will help personal data stay more secure – only share on a need-to-know basis.

Through our ongoing partnership with the National Cyber Security Alliance and, you can learn more about how to protect your data and identity in our latest security awareness video: Episode 2 – Data Handling.


Posted on 01-30-2020