Common Controls Framework (CCF) by Adobe v4.0 Now Available

Five Lean Principles of Collaboration for Enhanced Product Security

Securing the Public Cloud by Default

Peleus Uhley

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Leveraging Graphs to Improve Security Automation and Analysis

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Ongoing Research

Mapping Your Way Through Application Security Obstacles

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Security Automation

Mapping Your Networks with Marinus

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Open Source

New Flash Player Security Controls

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OWASP, IR, ML, and Internal Bug Bounties

A few weeks ago, I traveled to the OWASP Summit located just outside of London. The OWASP Summit is not a conference. It is a remote offsite event for OWASP leaders and the community to brain storm on how to improve OWASP. 

Pwn2Own 2017

The ZDI Pwn2Own contest celebrated its tenth anniversary this year. Working for Adobe over the past ten years, I have seen a lot of changes in the contest as both an observer and as a vendor triaging the reports.

Security Automation Part III: The Adobe Security Automation Framework

In previous blogs [1],[2], we discussed alternatives for creating a large-scale automation framework if you don’t have the resources for a multi-month development project.

Security Automation Part II: Defining Requirements

Every security engineer wants to build the big security automation framework for the challenge of designing something with complexity. Building those big projects have their set of challenges.

Security Automation Part I: Defining Goals

This is the first of a multi-part series on security automation. This blog will focus on high-level design considerations. The next blog will focus on technical design considerations for building security automation.

Preparing for Content Security Policies

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A Vendor Perspective on Crowd Sourced Penetration Tests

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Reflections on Pwn2Own

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Community Collaboration Enhances Flash

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Better Security Through Automation

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