First Flash Player update via Background Updater released today

Today, we released our first update for Flash Player via the new Flash Player Background Updater for Windows. The update addresses a printing issue that was discovered in the previous version of Flash Player 11.2.

Since we released this update, we have seen a tremendous number of systems download this latest version of Flash Player via the new Flash Player Background Updater. So, the question is, how smooth was the update experience? You can check your current version of Flash Player by going to the Flash Player “about” page. Do you see version installed? Did you notice anything about the update?

Note that your system will only check for an update once every 24 hours. Since it hasn’t been exactly 24 hours since we’ve released, there is a possibility that your system didn’t check for an update yet.

Your feedback is very valuable, so please make sure to add a comment and tell us about your update experience.