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Monster Truck Maniac 2

Still recovering from all the 3D games, I’ve been playing Monster Truck Maniac 2 this week. What surprised me in this game was the fairly crisp sound, which makes it a pleasure to play.




The levels are different enough to capture your attention for quite a while. It felt to me like I was playing multiple skill games at the same time.


What are your favorite games?

Changes to Adobe Flash Player Background Updater

Since we first released the new Background Updater for Flash Player, there were two major things that many people mentioned as having the potential for some improvement.


The first thing that many of you (as well as other blogs) mentioned was the desire to deploy Flash Player updates through this new updating mechanism on internal networks that have restricted access to the internet. A little more than a week ago, we documented the process how to achieve this and the response so far has been very positive. It’s very exciting to see how many bright people are out there that have this already implemented, or even wrote scripts to automatically mirror the official Adobe backend.


The second thing that was mentioned a lot was the desire to not have the installer configure a scheduled task and service if the Background Updater wasn’t chosen as the update mechanism by the user. I’m happy to say that this has officially changed in today’s update to Flash Player 11.2. When you download and install this version, you will notice that when you select the option to be notified of updates or to disable updates, the installer will no longer install a task or a service. If you change your mind, you can always go to the Flash Player Settings Manager in the Windows Control Panel. If you select to be automatically updated, we will again install the service and the task for you.


This second point was heavily driven by your feedback on my previous blog post that introduced the Background Updater. Give yourselves a pat on the back on our behalf and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Well done!

Warfare 1917- simple, yet addictive game

After playing around with many of the 3D games that have been released in the recent past, I suddenly felt the urge to look back at more traditional games. One game that I became a bit addicted to in the recent past is Warfare 1917. It is a simple matter of defeating your opponent. Based on the strategy and weapons that you’re using, you will either be successful or will have to repeat the level. Not very complicated, yet surprisingly addictive.


Since I’m always on the lookout for great Flash games I was wondering: What is your favorite Flash game?