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Updating Mosaic 9.5 Tooling

If you are developing Mosaic applications or tiles then you have probably looked at the LCM plugin for Flash Builder 4*.  This plugin was developed for use with Mosaic 9.0, but what if you are developing on Mosaic or   You need to update a coupe of things in the tooling so the SDK and the deployment client are compatible with later versions of Mosaic. 

In this discussion the following conventions are used:

{fb_install} – refers to the installation location of your FlashBuilder 4.  For example:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4

{Mosaic_install}  – refers to the installation location of your Mosaic server.  For example: C:\Adobe\Mosaic

{plugin SDK} – refers to the location of the plug in’s version of the Mosaic SDK files.  In my case it is:  C:\Adobe\Mosaic\Mosaic\sdk\com.adobe.livecyle.ria.mosaic\9.5-gm.

To  Find what the plugin is using for an SDK folder:

    • Launch FlashBuilder 4
    • Choose Window –> Preferences
    • Choose General -> Workspace -> Linked Resources
    • Look for the MOSAIC_9_5_GM_SDK entry


I strongly advise you to backup any files you will change.

1.  Update the deployment client:

  • If FlashBuilder 4 is running, stop it.
  • Locate the deployment client that comes with the plugin and rename it so it will no longer be referenced:
    • Go to:  {fb_install} \configuration\org.eclipse.osgi\bundles\116\1\.cp\lib
    • Find the mosaic-ant-tasks.jar file
    • Rename it to mosaic-ant-tasks.jar.dontUseMe
  • Find the updated deployment client and copy it to the plugin folder:
    • Copy {Mosaic_install} \bin\mosaicTasks.jar to {fb_install} \configuration\org.eclipse.osgi\bundles\116\1\.cp\lib
    • Rename the mosaicTasks.jar file to mosaic-ant-tasks.jar

2.  Update the plugin SDK:

  • Back up the plugin SDK:
    • Go to {plugin SDK}
    • Move the css, flex and javascript folders to somewhere safe.  Leave the file alone
  • Update the plugin SDK
    • Copy the {Mosaic_install} \sdk\css folder to {plugin SDK}
    • Copy the {Mosaic_install} \sdk\flex folder to {plugin SDK}
    • Copy the {Mosaic_install} \sdk\javascript folder to {plugin SDK}
  • Start FlashBuilder 4
  • Recompile any projects that were created with the old Mosaic SDK:
    • Choose Project –> Clean
    • Choose Clean all projects
    • Click OK.  Wait while the swfs are regenerated.


* Please note:  The LCM plugin was developed is provided as unsupported software.  Adobe hopes that you find it useful, but as the terms of use state: …PROVIDED BY ADOBE UNDER THESE ADOBE LABS TERMS OF USE “AS IS” WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS, IMPLIED, STATUTORY OR OTHERWISE,…