Flash Player 11.3 issues on Mozilla Firefox

A new version of Flash Player plug-in is available today (June 21st). The latest version is 11.3.300.262.
Go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ to get the latest version.

This version is for Mozilla Firefox and Safari.
If you have any issues with Flash Player 11.3 on Mozilla Firefox, see Issues | Flash Player 11.3 | Mozilla Firefox.

 If you have issues with installing Flash Player, please post the issue @ http://forums.adobe.com/community/flashplayer/installing_flashplayer.

82 Responses to Flash Player 11.3 issues on Mozilla Firefox

  1. bazilio says:

    i can’t able to play games on mozila fire fox howzat cricket on the face book kindly pls send me the updated software or latest adobe flash player to play the game

  2. bazilio says:

    pls give the details how to down load the software to play games on the face book waitting for the reply

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  7. Chris Durocher says:

    I’m having issues with this new plugin. I’ve been using Flash just fine up until today (the 23rd). I’d assume it’s when my computer automatically installed it, because I don’t remember having done so. Anyway, what’s important is that Flash videos will no longer load in my browser. I can do so just fine in others like Internet Explorer, but NOT Firefox. What gives?

  8. CoachMitch says:

    Nothing I do is working to get video’s properly playing again.
    I have deleted 13.0.1 and reinstalled it, several times.
    I have installed Abode 11.3.300.262, several times.
    I have checked IE settings.
    I have rebooted.
    Firefox still usually gives me a white or black screen, but no working video.
    IE8 is playing video in the proper manner.

  9. Rolf says:

    Installed now several times the newest version of flash (11.3.300.262). Firefox is on the newest version 13.0.1 ( http://prntscr.com/b387q ) but I can’t see any Videos on Fierfox.

    The ‘about’-site of flash-player shows me only this: http://prntscr.com/b385ohttp://prntscr.com/b385o

    On chrome I have no problems. Please fix it ASAP. THX

  10. Rolf says:

    Sorry last link should be: http://prntscr.com/b385o

  11. Jilian says:

    I’m have the same issue. I can’t use youtube is says there is an error to try again later. Same thing with pandora. Then I can only upload file in yahoo mail with the basic loader which is one file at a time…yikes….I send a lot of stuff. I have install the update to the adobe flash player several times now and nothing. It works fine for all other web bowers. Please help I love my firefox and don’t want to go to IE or chrome!!

  12. Jilian says:

    Also when I go to plug-in only the adobe is loaded. Not the 11.3.300.262 which I have loaded about 4 times now.

    • sbhaskar says:

      Have you installed RealPlayer? If Yes, could you please do the following?
      1. Start RealPlayer.
      2. Click the RealPlayer icon in the upper-left corner and select Preferences.
      3. Select Download & Recording in the left menu and deselect Enable Web Download & Recording for These Installed Browsers option.
      4. Click OK and restart Mozilla Firefox.


  13. Jilian says:

    Ok….that worked. Thanks.

  14. Paul says:

    Adobe Flash Player 11.3.300.262 will not install. This is the newest one, right? “the user does not have sufficient privileges to install Adobe Flash Player” I have tried to install from Administrator account. Get the same message

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  16. Bhargav Rao says:

    I enjoy listening to music.

  17. Dabbers says:

    Hi. Have installed several times latest Flash ‘262’ version onto the Firefox 13.0.1 . Still getting the same following problems.

    Error message in You tube, cannot play. However, play they fine in Chrome.

    Also Real Player tells me I do not have Flash installed when I do. It will not convert to mp3 from Flash video (even in Chrome), also it will now not play or convert flash files already downloaded on the hard drive!

    I would switch to Chrome, but the Real player issue is a serious one for me.

    • sbhaskar says:


      Did you try to disable the Enable Web Download & Recording option in RealPlayer?

      1. Start RealPlayer.
      2. Click the RealPlayer icon in the upper-left corner and select Preferences.
      3. Select Download & Recording in the left menu and deselect Enable Web Download & Recording for These Installed Browsers option.
      4. Click OK and restart Mozilla Firefox.


  18. Paul says:

    1) Tried to install latest Flash Player using Administrator Account
    2) Disabled Ad Block
    3) Disabled anti-virus program
    4) Disabled Firewall
    5) Had already uninstalled old Flash Player
    6) Tried to install using Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera

    I still get the same message and previously posted.

    • sbhaskar says:

      Paul, what’s your operating system?
      I am really sorry that you got stuck with this issue.
      When you go to Control Panel, can you see an option for User Accounts?


      • Paul says:

        I am using Windows Vista for the OS. Concerning the users accounts, I can see options like change your password, change account type and manage another account, etc.

        • sbhaskar says:

          I hope you have downloaded the installer. Right-click and click Run as Administrator. Does it help?

          Do you have a previous version installed. If Yes, uninstall that by following the doc: http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/uninstall-flash-player-windows.html.

          Then install Flash Player again.


          • Paul says:

            When I go to Control Panel Program and Features, I have (1) Adobe Flash Player 9 Active x (2) Adobe Reader 9,5.1 (3) Adobe Shockwave Player 11.5

            When I go to Control Panel, I have a Flash Player Icon present. This disappeared when I followed the instructions for uninstalling. (later)

            I went to uninstall web site and ran this program. Also followed the instructions “Copy and paste the following and click OK.
            C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash” and deleted all the files.

            The Flash Player Icon in my Control Panel disappeared.

            I went to your web site and downloaded Flash Player 11.3.300.262. I right clicked on this program and clicked Run as Administrator and got the message, “The user does not have sufficient privileges to install Adobe Flash Player”.

            You referred to a program “installer.” If there is a “installer” program, I don’t know where it is.

            I believe I have followed Adobe’s and your instructions to the letter and get the same message.

          • sbhaskar says:

            You have uninstalled Flash Player, and that’s why you don’t see the icon in the Control Panel. What I referred by installer is the exe that you downloaded from Adobe. I know it’s frustrating, but the solutions that I suggested should ideally work.
            Could you please try the following:

            – Go to the following site and ensure that you have admin a/c: http://www.ivertech.com/sharedPages/how-To-Check-Administrator-Account-On-Windows-Vista.aspx
            – Disable UAC for the time being: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Turn-User-Account-Control-on-or-off
            – Ensure that you activate it (UAC) again after you are done with this.
            – Download the files from the following site: http://helpx.adobe.com/content/help/en/flash-player/kb/installation-problems-flash-player-windows.html#main-pars_header
            – Close your browsers.
            – Right-click and Run As Admin.



        • Paul says:

          I have three accounts that were originally setup. There is the Administrator Account, the Stand User Account (I normally use this account) and a Guest Account. I changed the standard user account by giving it administrative privileges. As you suggested, I turned the user account control off. At this point, a reboot was required to take effective. I disabled the virus protection program. The fire wall was also disabled.
          I started by using the Standard User Account. I downloaded Flash Player 11.3.300.262. As instructed, I right clicked on the Flash Player program and clicked on “Run as Administrator.” I got the same message, “the user does not have sufficient privileges to install Adobe Flash Player”
          I rebooted the computer and signed in using the Administrator Account. The virus protection program and the fire wall were disabled. I downloaded Adobe Flash Player. After I right clicked on the program, I clicked on “Run as Administrator” to install the program. Again I got the message, “the user does not have sufficient privileges to install Adobe Flash Player.” Both times I closed the browser before I attempted to install the program.

  19. NNJ973 says:

    i dont know why i updated…everything worked fine until i updated to 11.3 flash….my mozilla crashes every now and then which never happened and the Flash Player plugin sucks up 500,000kb while playing a simple stupid facebook game

  20. stopthemadness says:

    You know Firefox had updated 7 times to new versions in the last 2 years and each time it gets worse not better. Until the last two versions of firefox came out I could have multiple windows open all using flash and never have an issue. Now I can’t see anything flash related if it is in more than one browser window even with the new flash update. How can this be an improvement when now my extremely high end machine is no good for what I originally built it for.

    • sbhaskar says:


      Could you please try disabling hardware acceleration in Firefox?
      Click Tools > Options > Advanced tab. Deselect the Use Hardware Acceleration When Available option.


  21. David says:


    I have a problem very similar to Paul (above), only I am running Windows 7. I am using Firefox 4.0, and unless I disable the Shockwave Flash player, I am unable to view YouTube videos (they appear as a completely black screen). If I disable Shockwave, I am able to view videos, but other Adobe Flash items do not work. The interactive weather maps at weather.com do not work whether I have Shockwave enabled OR disabled–if it’s disabled, I get a message saying I need to install the Adobe Flash player; if it’s enabled, I get only a static map that does not cycle through past maps when I click the play button.

    I have uninstalled (as Administrator) and reinstalled (as Administrator) Adobe Flash Player 11.3.300.262 (which shows up as “Shockwave Flash 11.3.300.262” in my Add-Ons manager). As far as I can tell, I do not have RealPlayer installed. I have deselected the “Use Hardware Acceleration When Available” option in Firefox. When I go to


    I see neither movie nor error message, just a blank white space between “Can you see the movie below?” and the table that follows. Please help!

    • sbhaskar says:


      You mentioned that when you disable Shockwave, you are able to view videos. Are you viewing HTML5 videos?
      Also, what happens when you view a video in Internet Explorer?


      • David says:


        Thank you for responding to my post. I don’t seem to be in the HTML5 trial in Firefox: I right-clicked a YouTube video, went to “About HTML5,” and at the bottom of the page it says, “You are not currently in the HTML5 trial.”

        I hardly ever use IE, but I fired it up for this. YouTube videos seem to work; one embedded video I found on a website did not (the opening screen appeared, but when I clicked on Play, the video screen went black). Evidently I was automatically enrolled in the HTML5 trial on IE.

        • David says:


          I updated the Flash player again to 11.3.300.265, but still no luck. Following your instructions to Dave (below), I went back to version 10.3, and everything seems to be working again. I hope some future update of the Flash Player will address this problem, and I’d be happy to continue working with you to figure out exactly what the problem is (if that would be any help), but until then, I guess I’ll stick with v. 10.3.


  22. David says:

    One more bit of info: I’m using 64-bit windows. I noticed that the .exe file I download from


    has “11×32” in the filename. That web page correctly identifies my system as 64-bit, but I have to wonder if the “32” in the filename refers to the 32-bit version. Could it be that it’s offering me the wrong version of the installer?

  23. Dave says:

    Got the latest flash and FF on Win7 machine. 2gig 60 gig R52 thinkpad. Any chance of getting it to work?? Any use of the mouse or hard drive interrupts whatever flash is doing. Sounds like a stuttering old man. Youtube ,streaming radio, whatever is all the same.
    Everything worked fine before the upgrades. Any way to go back to 10.3. I have no real player installed and hardware acceleration makes no difff one way or other. All in all pretty tired of upgrades

  24. Jacob MacCormick says:

    Okay, I’ve tried everything. Realplayer keeps telling me that the flash isn’t installed. I tried disabling download and it still hasn’t worked. I can’t watch downloaded content or convert downloaded content. Some one help before i tear up my house!!!


  25. linda says:

    Hello there, I have an issue with the newest version of the adobe flash player. I have installed it many, many times but I am still unable to watch Youtube Videos on my Mozilla Firefox browser! I have the uninstall adobe flash player program on my desktop and used it many times but the same issue keeps on coming back! Someone please reply soon! Thank you.

    • sbhaskar says:

      Could you please access the following page and let me know if Flash Player is installed? http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/find-version-flash-player.html


      • linda says:

        Yes I have accessed that page and installed the newest version of adobe flash player, once again, and i still have the same issue. Please reply soon.

        • sbhaskar says:

          Please don’t install again. Please go to the link that I gave you using Firefox. In the second step, there is a box. Do you see that? Ideally it should give you the Flash Player version installed on your machine. If you see a blank box, there is a chance that Flash Player plug-in is not enabled in your browser.
          In that case, in Firefox, go to Tools > Add-ons. Select Plugins and see if Shockwave Flash is listed and enabled.

  26. Victor says:

    Hi, I had the same trouble with Flash Player on Firefox. I’ve solved this by going to Help> Restart with add-ons disabled and I choose to restart Mozilla by reseting add ons not in safe mode (so the modification was a permanent one). Now, I can see Flash files with Mozilla. Good Luck!

  27. connie says:

    is there any way top stop this bad plug in i am also having a problem on ie and also on google

  28. Cindi L says:

    I have tried countless times to install the latest version of Adobe Flash player onto my Windows Vista laptop and no luck! I’ve uninstalled it and it allows me to receive a successful download but once it’s complete, I’m supposed to double click the file to then run it and when I double click it does nothing??? Please help!

    • sbhaskar says:

      Hi Cindi,

      Could you please do the following:
      1. Copy the exe file that you downloaded to a folder named Test in your C drive.
      2. Close your browsers.
      3. Now, click start > Run.
      4. Type cmd and press Enter.
      5. In the prompt that opened, type C:\Test\install_flashplayer11x32ax_gtbp_chra_aih.exe -install
      6. Open the browser and see if Flash Player is installed.


  29. Marie-Noelle says:

    Trying to download the latest update of Flash Player.
    My problem is that it is asking me for a password and I do not have a notion of what it is, it was such a long time ago and/or I don’t even remember downloading it in the first place! I tried all the passwords I could think of, to no avail. Is there any way to find it somewhere on my Mac? Even if I try to uninstall Flash from my applications, it asks me for a password, so I am screwed either way! Can you help me?

    • sbhaskar says:

      I hope you are on Mac. It’s the Mac’s user ID and password. The user ID and password using which you log into your Mac machine.


  30. This particular site truly solved my concern, Thanks. ! . !

  31. matt says:

    I try and download new version of Adobe and I get message “Error: application already in use” when it gets to 50% install.

    I am using Firefox. Have deleted old version of Adobe and restarted PC etc but still get same error message.

    What is happening?

    • sbhaskar says:

      There is an application like Yahoo! Messenger opened. The best thing would be to restart the machine and start again.

  32. help me.install flash error

  33. Mandy says:

    I just installed adobe flash player 11 plug-in v 11.4.402.287
    in plugin list on firefox it says I am running Shockwave for Director
    Is this correct? Still having problems on facebook w/flash player
    I am running Windows 7 64 bit.

  34. Vickey says:

    I have the same problems as everyone else. Games freeze, etc. Why are you telling everyone to uninstall, install or update their programs. It’ obviously not the other programs, its FLASH with the issues. Fix the problem!

  35. Nikki says:

    Hi, I can no longer watch some videos on YouTube. Up until a week ago I could watch these videos. I followed the trouble shooting and it asked me to upgrade to the latest version of Flash Player. My version is currently 9.3.0, I’m a mac user. I have downloaded the new version of Adobe Flash Player 11.5 and it states that the download is complete. I have shut down the computer and restarted it yet my version still states it is 9.3.0. Please can you help?

    • sbhaskar says:

      Sorry for the delay in response.
      After downloading, you need to double-click the file downloaded to install it. Did you do that?


  36. THeLaSTeViL says:

    I Have installed Flash 100’s of times after Firefox has upgraded
    i really feel this is at Firefox’s end not (Adobe’s)
    what i get is Flash Player is installed it shows in (control panel)
    i followed instructions on how to enable Flash
    after looking deeper i find (ActiveX version Not Installed)
    so downloading over in over with no luck
    is there a trick i tried doing ActiveX it self then Flash with again No Luck

    • THeLaSTeViL says:

      ActiveX i read now does not work with Firefox and chrome ?
      due to Micro
      sorry for the bother
      funny how all was good tell FF had this need to update every month though

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