Lightroom Classic 7.2 with better performance is released

Lightroom Classic 7.2 is released today. Let me introduce some of the changes went in:

  • Performance Improvements
    In the past, many users have reported that Lightroom becomes slower after a prolonged usage. This issue should have been fixed with this version. Also, resource-intensive activities, such as export, import, preview generation, and HD/panorama merge should be faster if your machine has 12 GM or more RAM.
    We, specifically, have implemented changes related to Threading Building Blocks (TBB). This should be effective on machines with 12 GB or more RAM.
  • Filter Folders
    You can search for folders.

    You can also mark some folders as favorite.  And, easily filter them out.

    Note that if you select multiple folders and mark them as favorite as a group, you need to unmark them favorite as a group itself. If you don’t remember the folders that you marked favorite as a group, see the same from filmstrip panel.

    There are some known issues with this feature:
    • When you clear the Search field after a search, Lightroom Classic re-calculates the image number; it takes some time to display the image numbers.
    • At a time, the drives names disappear following a search for a short duration of time.
  • Sort edited and unedited images

  • Create collection or collection set quickly
    You can create collection or collection set quickly from folders.
    If the folder has sub folders, the Create Collection option appears in the context menu. The directory structure is retained while creating the collection set, with all parent directories are retained as collection set.

19 Responses to Lightroom Classic 7.2 with better performance is released

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  4. jlua says:

    “Creating Collection Sets from Folders” is a very welcome new feature, but there’s one important thing missing, unfortunately: The newly created nested Collection Set only maintains its structure on Lightroom desktop; if shared to Lightroom Mobile, the structure disappears on all synched mobile devices. I hope Adobe fixes that soon.

    • sbhaskar says:

      Thanks for the feedback, jlua.
      We don’t sync Collection Set and that’s why Lightroom Mobile doesn’t retain the collection hierarchy. Let us look into it.

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  6. Richard Hughes says:

    The version 7.2 update neither listed in the Creative Cloud app, nor in Lightroom Classic CC. It indicates that version 7.1 is current.

  7. Joh says:

    I like the ‘make collection from folder’. However, it seems to automatically add ALL images to the collection. Could you add the option to just add selected images?

  8. Gunni Grahn says:

    When will this update hit europe. Rather annoying to pay every month and then not get the latest at the time of release 🙁

  9. Don Fadel says:

    Very buggy release. Very disappointing. Basic stuff – edit in Photoshop and return, PSD not included in library. Then synchronize folder is greyed out. It’s also much slower loading the catalog on launch (which you have to do in order to get synchronize folder to work).

    OSX High Sierra.

  10. Torbjorn Svenson says:

    I up graded my Lightroom to ver. 6 in August 2017. How can I take next step and upgrade to ver.7?



    • sbhaskar says:

      The Creative Cloud application should provide you with the update.
      Please let us know the current version you use.

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  12. Connor Wyckoff says:

    When I go in lightroom and the creative cloud manager it does not show an update avaliable, Ive restarted and reinstalled. I’m currently on 7.0.1.

  13. sbhaskar says:

    I hope, by now, the Creative Cloud application has provided you with the update.

  14. uwe caspar says:

    everything fine, better and faster on my iMac machine with 64 GB. 😉