Lightroom Classic 7.3 is released

Lightroom Classic 7.3 is released today. You will start getting the Update notification soon.
Here is a  comprehensive list of major updates went in:

  • New Profiles
    Adobe Lightroom Classic allows you to choose a camera profile option. A camera profile determines the color treatment applied to a raw image after it’s imported into Lightroom. It ensures that all images taken with the same settings look similarly in Lightroom. The default profile used to be Adobe Standard. From Lightroom 7.3 on wards, Adobe Color is going to be the default camera profile.
    Adobe Color profile is more contrasty and saturated compared with Adobe Standard.
    You are provided with the following profiles as a drop-down list:
    • Adobe Monochrome
    • Adobe Neutral
    • Adobe Vivid
    • Adobe Portrait
    • Adobe Landscape
      These profiles have been moved to a much prominent place in the Basic panel of the Development module.

      In addition, you are provided with a set of following Creative Profiles.
    • Modern
    • Vintage
    • Artistic
    • B&W
      These profiles help you to apply a certain style to your photo effortlessly. Applying a creative profile will not update the changes you already applied to an image. In addition, it also provides with an amount slider to change the intensity of the applied profile. Select the Browse button, shown in the previous image, to see the creative profiles.

  • Import grid performance
    On Windows machines, when you connect to a mobile phone (Android / iPhone) and then open the Import window, the images should appear faster. Previously, Lightroom Classic used to display all the images at a time, after the image scanning is complete. In the latest version, 7.3, it displays images in batch wise.
  • Face detection
    The underlying face detection engine is changed resulting better face detection and face recognition. Now, you can regenerate faces using the Library > Find Faces Again option at any point in time.
  • The Dehaze slider location
    The Dehaze slider is moved to the Basic panel as per your request.
  • Bigger tone curve
    Updated the Facebook API that uses for authentication in Facebook plugin. As a part of this change, you won’t be able to add a comment to a photo from Lightroom Classic.
    Bug Fixes
  • In the Filename Template Editor, when you insert a token as shown below, it always used to go to the end of the tokens string. Lightroom Classic 7.3 fixes the issue.
  • This version also fixes an issue on Mac that the Import window doesn’t appear after connecting an SD card while Lightroom is running.

2 Responses to Lightroom Classic 7.3 is released

  1. David Sanger says:

    Sunil , can you please expedite full support for import of HEIC files into Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC.
    All new iPhones have been using this compression standard developed by MPEG for over a year now.
    For those of us who shoot with iPhones as well as pro gear (Nikon etc.) this is a fatal shortcoming of the app.