Lightroom Classic 8.0 is released

Lightroom Classic 8.0 is released today.
Here are are the major features:

  • Lightroom Classic 8.0 provides a new Process Version (PV) 5.
    PV 5 provides you with: Improved negative dehaze and Better image quality behavior for high ISO raw files.
  • Single-step HDR panorama merge
    You can now create an HDR panorama image using a series of bracketed shots.
    The option is available with the existing Merge option.
  • Depth Range Mask
    Depth Range Mask is available for HEIC files captured using iPhone 7+ and 8+ and x.
    You primarily need to have embedded depth range data in the image.
    You can use the eye dropper tool to sample only a single point or an area. This in turn adjusts the values of the range slider.
  • New Tether options for Canon cameras.
    This option is faster and reliable than the older one.
    In addition, you can change the camera settings such as shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.Please let us know your feedback.


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  1. Sivannarayana Reddy says:

    Hello Sunil,
    This is Siva, can you guide me on how to learn AEM.