Lightroom Classic 8.2 is released

The Enhance Feature
Using this feature provides you an image with better resolution. Right-click the image and select “Enhance Details” in the context menu.  This will create a new DNG file with “-enhanced” appended in the file name.

Better Tether support for Nikon cameras
In Lightroom Classic 8.0, the Tether experience of Canon cameras is greatly improved. In 8.2, you will find better experience for Nikon cameras in terms performance and reliability. You can also control camera shutter speed, aperture and ISO using the Tether bar. Other Tether plugins should work as they used to work in the earlier builds.

In 8.0, there was an option in Tether settings that allows to save an image optionally in a Canon camera: Save to Camera.
This option is removed in 8.2.


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