Creating unique content

Since long, authors have faced the dilemma of whether to focus on extensive keyword research or create killer content that benefits users.

Keyword research helps identify the most relevant user queries about your subject. However, to create unique content you must focus on user needs and think up ways to present relevant content in a unique fashion. Keyword research can at best provide a framework to devise content strategy.

There is no prescribed formula to create unique content. You should be a subject specialist. You should also have the ability to astutely understand user needs and write great content.

Notwithstanding these abilities, adopting specific content strategies may help create unique content.

Here are some strategies that might be useful:

  • Provide new information or concept that is important to readers: Provide a brand-new piece of information that never existed before. For example, talk about new product features, for example the cool new Adobe Illustrator feature that lets you trace artwork. Talk of a revolutionary concept that redefined your product roadmap. For example, talk about the concept of Clipping Masks in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Suggest a unique approach to address a burning user issue: Guide readers through a new technique, approach, or workaround that hasn’t been explored before. Suggest a new workflow that solves a longstanding user problem, for example a workflow to adjust path segments in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Augment pre-existing information by adding more value and personal flavor: Add value to a piece of information that is already available. Provide your own inputs based on your subject knowledge and experience. For example, describe how Adobe® RoboHelp® report titles map with the latest RoboHelp report titles.
  • Provide your perspective on a controversial or complicated topic: Introduce a thought provoking dimension to the topic. However, avoid getting too involved into a debate (for obvious reasons).   
  • Broach a controversial topic to spark a debate: Write a blog or article on a controversial topic that provides the platform for other people to debate amongst themselves. In this way, you can steer clear from the controversy. However, you can still be a neutral observer and moderate when specific comments get acerbic. 
  • Describe your unique experiences: Narrate your unique experiences with a product or feature. Describe capabilities/pitfalls in the product or feature you discovered when trying to accomplish a task using the product. For example, explain how users can manage Adobe® RoboHelp® Server contexts for different documentation sets.
  • Present your own analysis of a subject or data: Present your unique analysis of data that commonly available about a subject or event. Highlight insightful details to create maximum impact.
  • Answer frequently asked questions: Prepare a list of frequently asked questions about a product or feature. Provide answers in your own words to best satisfy user queries. Effective query resolution helps you gain the confidence of users who might later refer your content to others.    

Above all, the key to creating unique content is the genuine intent to help users without expecting anything in return. If you continue to create original content that is of substantial value to users, they will become your loyal followers. They will recommend your content to others, which helps you build an impressive reputation.

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