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You can’t imagine how thrilled and excited I am. I feel like jumping on my chair. Jump, Jump…

We just announced another significant release of Adobe RoboHelp. Check out RoboHelp product page at for more information. Another major update in record 9 months. Oh boy – RoboHelp development is on steroids.

This has been a very special release – we have had some rave comments on the prerelease site about the current release. Customers who have seen this (via our prerelease program) still don’t believe that we could add such major advancements in 9 months. Enough of trumpeting, let’s get down to the point.

Summary of major feature added in Adobe RoboHelp 7:

  • Highly customizable user interface – Create your own unique workspace with personalized toolbars, menus, keyboard shortcuts and dockable pods that work the way you want. A Multiple Document Interface (MDI) makes it easy to copy/paste and edit across multiple topics in a tiled arrangement. Then save your workspace environment for different projects. Quickly remove clutter of unused interface items to focus on the work at hand.

    Introduction - new UI.jpg   
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  • Full Unicode support – accommodates 35 languages and powerful translation workflows.  Localized in 4 languages and binary compatible across languages. Create in a French version and open that same project in a German version.

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  • Enhanced support for FrameMaker file import -Import multiple file formats in .fm, .book, .mif. .bk or .frm file types. Files will be converted to HTML topics.
  • New HTML Editor – produces cleaner code, customization including color coding and author-configured as well as automatic Intellisense for rapidly inserting commonly used code phrases.

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  • Easing author’s workflow with reusable content – Snippets and User Defined Variables.
  • Dramatic new Single Sourcing capabilities – with Multiple Tables of Contents, Indexes and Glossaries.

    Multi toc.jpg
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  • Cross-product integration with Adobe technical communication programs – See how RoboHelp works with Adobe Captivate, FrameMaker, Acrobat 3D and RoboScreenCapture.
  • Better end-user experience with Search Synonyms, Search highlighting and Breadcrumb navigation.

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  • Improvements to standard features – Word import/export, RoboSource Control 3.1, RoboHelp Server, WinHelp to WebHelp migration
  • Improvements to Adobe RoboHelp Server – Valuable Feedback Reports and the ability to search the text of non-HTML documents such as PDF, Word, Excel, etc. make this a perfect choice for company Intranets. Many installation and administrative improvements have been made in this release.

There are a number of other features that we have developed in Adobe RoboHelp 7. Even each of the above listed features is a big enough item for a blog discussion. I shall try to cover each of the features in detail in subsequent blogs.


Akshay Madan

Posted on 09-27-2007


  • By Umar - 12:32 PM on January 25, 2008   Reply

    My webhelp file displays as it should when opened in IE. However, when i open the file on Mozrilla forefox, the page display (text indentation in particular) is not can i resolve the problem and what apparently is causing it… help would be well appreciated.thanks.Umar—————————Reply:Hi Umar,Thanks for reporting this issue. On the face, it seems to be specific to your project. I shall be able to comment on this better only after I have a look at your project. If possible, please zip up your RoboHelp project and send it to,Akshay

  • By Vernon Robinson - 1:40 AM on January 7, 2008   Reply

    Trying Robohelp 7. However, when creating the HTML help, it does not seem to show the Contents, Index, Search tabs or the nagivation/print buttons when called from Microsoft Access 2003 using the topic ID. But it does show these items if I click on the “.chm” file directly from Windows explorer. Any ideas?Thanks,-Vernon——————————————————————-Reply:Hi Vernon,I would be able to help you only once I have a copy of your project. Please let me know if sharing the project is an option. If not, I shall draft some questions that you will have to answer.Regards,Akshay

  • By Leah - 12:19 AM on December 12, 2007   Reply

    We are having trouble getting RoboHelp X5.0.1 to display the text frames we include in our anchored graphics (we use them for additional info for the user). Is there something we can do to make this happen? Will RoboHelp 7 correct this problem for us?——————————————————————Reply:I can’t comment without having a look at your project. You can either download a Trial copy of RoboHelp 7 from to check the behavior yourself or you can send it across to me and I can check the same for you. In case you still find the problem, please report that as a bug to us.Regards,Akshay(

  • By Hama - 8:45 PM on November 19, 2007   Reply

    I have downloaded the trial version and thinking about purchasing the full version.However I have problems with the “search” tab when exporting webhelp and then viewing on MAC. I can’t enter any text to search. I have tested with (safari and Mozilla). I can send a print screen if necessary.————————————————-Reply:Hi Hama,We have tested this and for sure thsi works. I shall contact you offline and see if this is one of those corner cases.Regards,Akshay

  • By Vidyalakshmi - 11:13 AM on October 11, 2007   Reply

    Hi,Glad to hear the new version release. As a company with global presence, we are wondering how RoboHelp could support in translating to foreign languages from English.We develop manuals which needs to be translated to Chinese. Will RoboHelp 7 be of use to us (Remember, we have no knowledge on Chinese language). Will the translation be 100 %.Regards,Vidya—————————————————Reply:Hi Vidya,There is no automatic translation happening and RoboHelp doesn’t have the capability of translating the project on its own. However, if you give out the RoboHelp project to a translator (person conversant with Chinese), he will not face any problems translating the project in RoboHelp. The new version is Unicode compliant and thus you can import Chinese HTML files, author in Chinese, create TOC, Index, and Glossary in Chinese, use Chinese skins and publish a help system in Chinese. I shall cover this is detail in one of my upcoming post. Multiple Document Interface (MDI) is the other feature that helps translators work in RoboHelp by providing a side by side view.Regards,Akshay

  • By Michael - 10:50 PM on October 3, 2007   Reply

    I’m curious about the WebHelp output. Are there any changes to the WebHelp browser support matrix (, we need to support* Safari 2* Safari 3 (upcoming?)* IE 6* IE 7 (on Vista too!)* Firefox 2.xAs part of my due-diligence when considering new tools, I need to ensure compatibility across Mac and Win platforms for the above browsers. The matrix looks a little out of date. Are there any changes to be aware of?—————————————————————Reply:We support all the browsers that you have listed above. To be more specific, we support the following:Windows (including Vista) – IE6, IE7, Firefox 2.0, 3.0Mac – Firefox 2.0/3.0, Safari 2.0Linux, Unix – Firefox 2.0/3.0Regards,Akshay

  • By Laurin - 9:11 PM on October 1, 2007   Reply

    Just purchased v6 in September, but haven’t been able to install it successfully. Will I be able to skip v6 and go to v7 from v5?————————————————Reply:Yes, you shall be able to skip and directly install RoboHelp 7. You shall be also eligible for a special upgrade price. Check out the Adobe website for more details.

  • By Sangeetha - 8:16 PM on September 28, 2007   Reply

    Hi Akshay,To create context sensitive help do I need RH server installed?Regards,Sangeetha——————————————————–Reply:Hi Sangeetha,You do not need RH Server to create context sentsitive help.Regards,Akshay

  • By Julien Marchand - 6:48 PM on September 28, 2007   Reply

    I’m glad to see that RoboHelp will be finally compatible with Windows Vista. It was the only piece of software that needed me to boot back into Windows XP.It looks indeed like a big step forward. Good job guys!

  • By Janet Swisher - 3:06 AM on September 28, 2007   Reply

    This release looks like a big step forward for RoboHelp.Did you there’s a broken link at the bottom of the features page? It’s the one labeled “Learn more about upgrading >”.

Reply to Janet Swisher