Track Text Edits in FrameMaker 8



With FrameMaker 8, we introduced an ability to track edits in text. The biggest benefit is in the review workflow.  As we started planning the documentation for the next version of FrameMaker, it became obvious that track text edits in FrameMaker 8 will be a great time saver for both the teams – the product development team (which reviews the content) and the documentation team (which develops the content).  Review is fundamental to ensuring content completeness and accuracy and with incremental development models gaining popularity, content development is also incremental.  This increases the importance of managing content changes through milestones.

I am sure a number of FrameMaker customers are already using from this new feature. Do share your feedback.

Note – For details on what is tracked and what is not, please refer to FrameMaker User Guide.


FrameMaker, TechComm

Posted on 01-21-2008

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