FrameMaker 8.0.2 Available now!




In my previous post I mentioned that we were busy with some activities here. Yes, you guessed it right!

FrameMaker 8.0.2 patch is live now and it is available through Adobe Update Manager (AUM). This patch (8.0p273) must be applied on top of 8.0.1 (8.0p266) only. You can check for updates through Help->Updates Menu in FrameMaker.

We have been listening to you and we have tried fixing most of your problems through this patch.

With the help of these fixes, following workflows are now enabled/supported:

  • Generated INDEX does not drop entries when markers for multi-level entries have same text.
  • HYPHENATION remains correct when accented characters are present in the word and the hyphenation operation is performed more than once.
  • FrameMaker does not hang on VISTA when some text is selected and mouse pointer is moved.
  • Control characters like emSpace, enSpace are displayed correctly when a FrameMaker file is round tripped to XML.
  • Characters from Private Use Area (PUA) are now supported and displayed correctly.
  • Shortcuts (operations in document using Function keys) do not time out at random intervals. The tag list stays in the status field after pressing the function key.
  • Status-bar shortcuts (Ctrl+F8, Ctrl+F9) for paragraphs and character designer can be applied with their respective designers being open.
  • Unicode characters of Symbol/Dingbats/WebDings fonts are correctly converted when an XML is opened in FrameMaker.
  • Links in PDF created using distiller 8 works with Acrobat 7.
  • Hyperlink from one pdf to another works fine on web if they were created using FrameMaker 8 and Distiller 8.
  • Clicking on the message client hypertext marker works fine even if the folder contains non ASCII characters.
  • German and French ending double quotes (with SMART QUOTES = ON) are applied correctly.
  • Transpose characters operations using Ctrl+F9 key works properly with Unicode characters.
  • For various dialogs, special spaces (control characters) don’t get lost on editing. This is important in case of editing variables.
  • Higher ANSI characters are accepted as line break characters.

Please install this patch on top of 8.0.1, retest your workflows and share your feedback with me.





Posted on 02-05-2008


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