Update for Adobe RoboHelp 7 now available



We just released an update for Adobe RoboHelp 7. This update addresses some of the important issues that were reported on the Adobe RoboHelp forums. Apart from bug fixes, the new update will patch your installation so that you can produce more secure Help Systems.

The update is being distributed using the Adobe Update Manager utility, which is shared by all Adobe products. So Adobe RoboHelp 7 users can utilize product’s automatic update facility by selecting Help > Updates. Once you update your installation, the version number will bump up from Adobe RoboHelp 7 to Adobe RoboHelp 7.0.1.


Akshay Madan

Posted on 02-13-2008


  • By Gurpreet Singh - 5:11 PM on February 15, 2008   Reply

    It seems to be a great news, Akshay. We had been using X5, then RH6 and was very interested to buy RH7 because of some issues we were facing in RH6 but were discouraged by some major defects we found out in RH7. We will give it another try to find out whether RH7 is good for our use or not.

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