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We just released another update for Adobe RoboHelp 7. This update addresses some of the important issues that were reported on the Adobe RoboHelp forums and a few cross browser support issues.
The update is being distributed using the Adobe Update Manager utility, which is shared by all Adobe products. So Adobe RoboHelp 7 users can utilize product’s automatic update facility by selecting Help > Updates (Please note – you need to have admin rights to use this automatic update service). Once you update your installation, the version number will bump up from Adobe RoboHelp 7 to Adobe RoboHelp 7.0.2. However if you experience problems updating the Adobe RoboHelp installation from with in the application, you may choose to download the update from Adobe.COM ( and then apply the same.

Please refer to the Adobe RoboHelp 7.0.2 ReadMe for the list of issues that have been addressed in this update. I am including the same in my post for your reference.

– Akshay

Adobe ® RoboHelp® 7.0.2 ReadMe

Welcome to Adobe RoboHelp 7.0.2 readme. This document contains information about major changes which are included in this update.

List of major issues resolved in this update.

  • Switching between Topics in Doc pad takes a lot of time.
  • Encoding issues If a CHM file with a name different than the Project name.
  • Structured cross-references and structured index markers losses their links in the generated output.
  • Auto-size pop-up links in WebHelp/Pro SSL do not auto-size when viewed in Firefox.
  • Special character such as apostrophe doesn’t get rendered properly in output generated by RHW.
  • First topic map Ids in a RHW project does not work while testing it using CSH test tool.
  • Map ID’s do not work when generating WinHelp 4 in RoboHelp 7 for Word.
  • Navigation and Top pane are absent in WebHelp Output if Add Mark of the Web is checked for Chinese and Korean language Code Pages
  • Content pane disappears from the view in WebHelp output when a page is refreshed in Firefox 2.0.13.
  • Topics in Flash Help output don’t get displayed properly in the correct frame when linked from the Table of Contents in Flash Help output.
  • TOC/Glossary/Index fields are shown empty in the FlashHelpPro Layout published to RH Server 7if the project name contains German or French characters.
  • Error Wizard doesn’t display any errors even when there are errors and warnings while generating WinHelp 2000 in RoboHelp for word.
  • If number of Conditional Build Tags (CBT) is high, some of the CBT may not work to exclude certain topics.
  • Hyperlink for FrameMaker File (.book) containing external cross references does not work.
  • Any update done on a topic while working in HTML view of the topic doesn’t get reflected in topic.
  • Indexes don’t get generated in XML output.
  • Non Scrolling regions are not reflected in the WinHelp output for RHW project.
  • Robo Screen Capture loses the editions made after pressing cancel in “Save As” dialogue.
  • Resizing the TOC causes the contents of the toolbar to also appear in the minibar when viewing the output help in Firefox 2.0.13
  • TOC items font size increases when WebHelp is viewed in Safari browser on Mac OS.
  • Entire frame height is not used by TOC, index and other left panes when WebHelp is opened on UNIX.
  • Style mapping is not exported if a cross-ref is mapped
  • The Style applied on the Variable does not appear in the HTML generated through FM add/import.
  • Two level indices are not shown properly in output.
  • Import Word doesn’t work in RH6 if RH6 and RH7 are installed simultaneously.
  • On opening a word document from internet explorer the word addin association is lost with msword for RHW.
  • TOC links for some topics in a WinHelp project may not work.
  • Character style changes are applied to Para style if the Para and Char styles have same name.
  • Custom format Cross reference may not work for some specific formats.
  • Error is generated while linking TFS as source control provider with RoboHelp.
  • Auto sync with the TOC is broken when WebHelp is viewed via Firefox.
  • The Image generated for equations in FM files are lossy and distorted.
  • Variables get lost in cross references if they are mapped to any RH cross ref blocks
  • If RoboHelp project configuration files contain Japanese characters, error occurs on compiling and the context-sensitive help does not work.
  • Invalid link is observed for index keyword to custom windows in Microsoft HTML Help project.
  • Variables in FrameMaker file may get lost in cross references if they are mapped to any RoboHelp cross ref. blocks.
  • Cross references may lose their links while importing a FrameMaker file in RoboHelp.

Copyright 2008 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved.


Akshay Madan

Posted on 05-30-2008

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