Word 2010 support in Adobe RoboHelp

Many of you must be wondering about Adobe’s plans to support Microsoft Word 2010 in RoboHelp. Some of you have submitted request for RoboHelp to support Word 2010, and many others have asked me about it in various forums.

I’m pleased to announce that the next major release of RoboHelp will support Microsoft Word 2010 for all the workflows including import/linking and printed documentation output (.docx and .doc). Please note that we haven’t made any announcements about updating RoboHelp 8 for Microsoft Word 2010.

Ankur Jain
Product Manager – RoboHelp
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Ankur Jain

Ankur Jain

Senior Product Manager, Adobe Experience Manager - Forms

34 thoughts to “Word 2010 support in Adobe RoboHelp”

  1. IS this why Robohelp 8 refuses to create a PDF or Doc file with Word 2010 installed?
    The error message is : “A supported version of Microsoft Word does not exist. Please install Microsoft Word 2000 or newer.” Well Word 2010 is newer. This error message is a nonsense as it does not say Word 2010 will not work. I’ll just have to drop back to Word 2007. I take it this will work.

    1. Hi Ian,

      RoboHelp 8 is not compatible with Word 2010. It will work with Word 2007. I agree that the error message is confusing. We will fix this shortly.

      Product Manager – RoboHelp

  2. With Adobe Technical Communication Suite, can I use the RoboHelp with MS Word, as I used to create CHM from MS word with RoboHelp 8 ?

  3. I need to know the same answer as Pat. We get the same error message and even after removing Office 2010 and RoboHelp and reinstalling Office 2007 and RoboHelp, it doesn’t work. I need answers quickly, we are on a tight timeline. any help?

    1. Rebecca, please see my response to Pat’s comment. We are looking at ways to enable integration with 64 bit version of Word 2010 in RoboHelp 9. Please do expect some positive news soon.

  4. 3/18/2011
    Hi to all, I just installed RoboHelp 9 HTML and found a problem with it working with Office 2010. Everytime I try to Import a word document I receive a message stating it cannot find word and I should install version 2000 or higher.
    I’m working on a Windows7 (64 bit) box with Microsoft Word 2010 which is the 64bit version.
    I need to find a way to get Word to work with this verison of RoboHelp without having to install the 32bit version of Word.

    1. Microsoft is having to answer lots of queries about this since hundreds of 32-bit applications (like RoboHelp) are affected. This is why Microsoft installs the 32-bit version by default even on a 64-bit OS. Here’s the official blurb from MS:
      Having said that, I understand your request and we are looking at ways to enable integration with 64 bit version of Word 2010 in RoboHelp 9. Please do expect some positive news soon.

  5. Hi to all, I just bought and installed RoboHelp 9 HTML, works fine with Office 2010. I must say that upgrade took some money but in comparison with other products for help authoring (I tested Doc-To-Help and further) only Robohelp is reliable and complete solution (mentioned alternatives were not suitable for me due to bad processing Czech national characters).

    Sincerely, Karel

  6. I am also disappointed that 8 does not support Office 2010. I am setting up a new PC with Windows 7 64-bit and Office 2010.

    It is good news that 9 with support 2010, but there isn’t anything that gives us a timeframe of when 9 will be released. Can you give us a relative timeframe? 1st Qtr, 2nd Qtr? This will help us determine what path to take until 9 is available.

    Also, since we are running X5, will we be able to upgrade to 9 (i.e. get the upgrade price). I see that X5 is a valid upgrade to 8. Since Office 2010 is not supported in 8, it would be really bad if Adobe is going to force use to pay fill price for 9.

    Thank you in advance for your response.

    1. Mark, RoboHelp 9 will be available very soon and you will likely not need to figure out another path if it was solely dependent on the release date. I’m afraid, I can’t comment on the upgrade options at this time.

  7. I agree. I just found that Robohelp 8 is not compatible with MS Word 2010 as well. The current Robohelp should be compatible with the current version of Word!

  8. I just got Adobe TCS 2.5 including RoboHelp 8 and am extremely disappointed to learn that it does not support Word 2010. I really think that Adobe should offer a free patch to be able to make proper use of their software, or stop selling a product that is not compatible with current Microsoft technology!!!

  9. So . . . if Adobe waits for a year to support the latest MS Office, then Adobe gets to charge twice for its upgrades; once when it comes out and then once to get support for MS Office which SHOULD be a Patch. WOW!

    Is Bill Gates a large stockholder in Adobe?

    Who do you consider your closest competitor? Do they support Word 2010?

  10. Robohelp 8, Acrobat 9 not compatible with office 2010 is highly disappointing. Why not release some patch to take care of this issue? Adobe expecting its clients to upgrade for each new release is not a viable solution.

  11. Can you confirm or deny that linking Word documents (any version) will be fully supported in RoboHelp 9? I currently have a bug registered with Adobe concerning the lack of support for this advertised feature.

    1. David, thanks for your comment. Our engineering teams are very actively working on RoboHelp. The next major release has many significant additions that would help you keep up with the emerging trends and technologies in technical communication.

  12. I am very, very disappointed that Adobe is not taking or announcing some steps to support Word 2010 in RoboHelp 8. This is the current product out there, and it should be a matter of course for a company like Adobe to release an update to support a very common program, especially since your program has been designed to have a dependency on it. Basically what you’re saying is this: if you want the support, be prepared to pay to upgrade. That is disappointing.


  13. Ankur,

    That is great news; however, it would be somewhat surprising were it not the case.

    What is really disappointing is that the the TC 2.5 release did not include an update that would have enabled this, especially given that Office 2010 RTMed in April of this year.

    If I had to pick one Adobe RoboHelp bugbear it would be the delay in supporting the latest version of Office. It seems to take around a year and always involves an upgrade.

    Microsoft Word is an integral RoboHelp tool. You cannot export to documents unless you have it installed. My organization always has the latest version of Office – this is not unusual (actually we normally go with the betas – which of course I would not expect Adobe to support).

    Any chance of a rough indication of when this will be available?


    1. Donal, thank you for your comment. I’m not allowed to comment on the timelines, but I will take your feedback into account for future releases. RoboHelp 9 is going to rock!

      1. Hello Ankur, thank you for good news. I would like to ask following: I use Robohelp 7 HTML and I am not able to copperate with Office 2010 too. I consider to buy an upgrade to RH 8 HTML but I need to be assured that Office 2010 will be supported in next major upgrade. Coul you confirm it ?

        Thank you.

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