ExtendScript of the Week: Find/Change Cross Reference Formats / Conditional Tags / Variables

This week in “Extend Script of the Week” initiative we will showcase an extend script which will Find/Change Cross-Reference Formats (aka “XREF Formats), Conditional Tags and Variables on the Body page of a FrameMaker document. This script demonstrates how to use ExtendScript to traverse a document, find Xrefs/Conditional Tags/Variables and then change them or delete […]

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ExtendScript of the Week: Close All Files in a Book without Saving

  Continuing with the series ‘Extendscript of the week’, we are providing an extendscript to Close All Files in a Book without Saving. This will show how to use FrameMaker ESTK to traverse a hierarchical book and perform operations on its components. Download the zip file from CloseAllFilesInBookScript and unzip the content to local disk. About the […]

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Adobe & Altera Corporation

Adobe & Altera Corporation – a RoboHelp Success Story

When faced with the challenge of fast-tracking production and delivery of product and service online Help resources, leading semiconductor provider Altera adopted Adobe RoboHelp 9. By leveraging RoboHelp, Altera dramatically improved collaboration by enabling its dispersed employees worldwide to work on projects at the same time. By using sophisticated PDF sharing capabilities, Altera project managers […]

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