FrameMaker 10.0.2 patch released (several CMYK issues fixed)


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It gives me great pleasure to announce the availability of the FrameMaker patch 10.0.2 in which we have fixed several outstanding issues. The main focus of this patch was to fix several issues related to use of CMYK colors in FrameMaker documents and generating CMYK PDF. Here is a summary of the major CMYK issues fixed in this patch

Usage of spot and process colors

We have fixed issues around usage of these colors and how they were transferred during PDF publishing. With the fixes,

  • Custom (i.e. user defined) Spot Colors are retained as Spot colors in the PDF output
  • Modified library Spot colors are now retained as Spot colors in the PDF output.
  • Library Process colors are retained as process colors in the PDF

To see the difference, please take a look at the screenshots below. In first screen shot below (before fixes), custom and modified library spot colors were getting converted to process colors in the PDF output and the library process colors were getting converted to Spot colors (as seen in the Output preview window in Acrobat).

In the second screenshot (after fix), we can see that these colors are retained as per the original definition and no transformation happens during publishing

Screenshot(Before Fix)

Screenshot(After Fix)

Usage of tints

Earlier, tints in Spot colors were not visible in the default view of Acrobat when the PDF was opened(see before screenshot below). One had to launch the output preview dialog to see the tints in Spot colors. Now, as can you see, in the after screenshot, tints are visible in the default view as well for both graphic objects and table cells.

Screenshot(Before Fix)

Screenshot(After Fix)

Support for overprint

In this patch, we have provided support for overprint when working with CMYK route. Earlier, even after using the ‘overprint’ option for color or graphic object in Framemaker, overprint could not be seen in the PDF. Now, on using ‘overprint’ option, it can be seen in the output PDF.(Open output preview dialog and check ‘simulate overprinting’ in Acrobat). See the screenshots below for more details.

Screenshot(Before Fix)

Overprint cannot be seen in the PDF although its defined in the Framemaker file.

Screenshot(After Fix)

Overprint can be seen in the published PDF for the same FrameMaker file

Different page sizes within a document/Book are retained in PDF:

We have also fixed issues with using different page sizes in the CMYK route. As you can see, in the screenshots below, the Framemaker file has different page size for two pages.

In the first screen shot (before fix), the generated PDF has the same size for all pages and content of second page is getting cropped.
In the second screenshot (after fix), the different page sizes are retained in the published PDF.

Screenshot(Before Fix)

Screenshot(After Fix)


Additional fixes and enhancements related to CMYK:

  • Support has been added for command line argument option to specify .PS prolog filepath for CMYK route.
  • Many font replacement and glyph rendering issues are also fixed.
  • Kerning is now honored in the published PDF.
Besides these CMYK fixes and enhancements, we have fixed other outstanding issues as well in this patch. To learn more about all the fixes, please refer to the readme at
The 10.0.2 patch is available through updater and can also be downloaded from from the following links
Hope you find will these fixes and enhancements useful.
Kapil Verma – Sr. Product Manager, FrameMaker and FrameMaker Server
Garima Kamthan – Sr. Lead Quality Engineer, FrameMaker team
Harish Dhawan – Computer Scientist, FrameMaker team

Kapil Verma

Posted on 11-17-2011


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