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Hello All,

It gives me great pleasure to announce the new and improved FrameMaker developer page. You can find the new page at It is our goal to provide the best and comprehensive support and resources to our developer partners and the improved developer page is a step in that direction.

The new page has been updated with new and useful information , updated documentation and easier discoverability of information. Here are the highlights of the new site:


  • New resources: In addition to FDK, we have added resources for ExtendScript (scripting interface to FrameMaker10) and how to develop a connector between FrameMaker and CMS. We have added overview, links to documentation (getting started and reference guides), and code samples.
  • Better categorization for easier navigation and discoverability: We have categorized the resources into clear and distinct categories to make it easy for users to find what they are looking for. The information has been grouped into FDK, ExtendScript, CMS connector, Structure Application Development, Additional resources and forum links. We hope that with this categorization, users will find it easy to find the information they need.
  • Live updates in the future: We have added links to ExtendScript forums, recordings of relevant webinars and blogs to provide additional information. These links will keep getting updated as new resources become available. So, do check back frequently!
Hopefully, you will find the new and improved page useful. Please do keep visiting it regularly to get updated information.
Do let us know your feedback..
Kapil Verma
Sr. Product Manager – FrameMaker

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Kapil Verma

Posted on 11-17-2011

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