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Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!!

Theme: Punctuation – things you must remember all year long!

Tip of the Day: Try a color printout for best results 🙂

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Posted on 12-16-2011


  • By Parth Mukherjee - 10:46 AM on January 2, 2012   Reply

    Thanks for pointing out Will, that ‘leaped’ right out of our mind. Stands corrected now. Hope it’s fun to use.

    • By Will Gaffga - 5:43 PM on January 4, 2012   Reply

      Buh-Duhm-Bump Tishh! (old school drum roll after a “groaner”)

      Happy to help.

  • By Will Gaffga - 12:40 AM on December 28, 2011   Reply

    Your calendar is wrong. 2012 is a Leap Year … February has 29 days this year.

  • By Robin - 9:15 PM on December 18, 2011   Reply

    This doesn’t seem to be laid out right. It only puts 1/4 of it on one page and doesn’t do the rest.

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