Introducing The All New FrameMaker ROI Calculator


Adobe is proud to announce major enhancements to our FrameMaker Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator tool that gives you a better idea of direct cost benefits that would accrue to you if you switch to an XML workflow and use FrameMaker 10 as your XML editor and publishing engine. In the new tool, you can additionally specify the following important general project costs:

FM ROI Tool Screenshot

FM ROI Tool Screenshot

  • Authoring:  Here you enter the fully-loaded author cost per year.
  • Content conversion:  This lets you specify the cost per page for a non-FrameMaker tool to convert from unstructured to XML, the cost per page for FrameMaker 10 to do the same, and the total number of pages that must be converted.
  • Language translation: Assuming you will translate into multiple languages, this is where you specify the quantity of languages, the number of words per year, and the translation cost per word.
  • Formatting: This allows you to specify the number of authors your project will have and what percentage of time they will spend on formatting, which is of course just wasted time!
  • Publishing:  Here is where you enter the quantity of output formats your project will require, including PDF, HTML Help, epub, and so on.
  • Re-use percentage:  This lets you specify how much of your content can be re-used.

Once you click the “Compare ROI” button at the bottom of the page, scroll to the top to see how the two sets of graphs comparing FrameMaker 10 versus an alternative tool have been updated to reflect your numbers. The graphs on the left compare the total project cost. The graphs on the right compare the payback periods.

There are many structured authoring tools out there vying for your attention. Some claim to be the lowest cost. But how can you determine how much you can save and benefit from a tool? So, before you choose, be sure to use this ROI calculator to arrive at a more realistic picture of the total cost.

We’re confident that these graphs will present a clear value proposition, which is that FrameMaker 10 gives the highest ROI, lowest TCO solution for your migration to XML/DITA and for your ongoing development.

You will find the New ROI calculator at

And while we are on the topic, the following resources will give you further clarity on the capabilities of FrameMaker as your structured authoring and publishing tool of choice:

7 Part Webinar Series (Watch On Demand) – Unstructured Doc To XML / FrameMaker 10 Instructional Series
FREE Whitepaper – Why Adobe FrameMaker 10 is the Highest ROI, Lowest TCO Solution for Migration to Structured Authoring

We hope you find these resources useful and would appreciate your feedback. So please let us know how we can make this calculator more useful to you.

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Posted on 12-07-2011


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