FrameMaker, RoboHelp, and TCS documentation

In this blog post we would like to give a couple of useful ressources around our products and topics.

What are some of the available help and support pages?

The Help and Support pages are one-stop shop for hand-picked resources on Adobe products. Bookmark them for easy access.

How do I access the latest Help?

Is there a way to save a PDF of any product Help?

From any of the pages of online Help, you can click the View Help PDF link in the top-right corner to download the PDF version of the entire product help (You cannot download just one topic in the help).

Are there any video resources available?

Plenty of video resources are available on Adobe TV and other sites, such as YouTube. You can search for specific topics on Adobe TV and bookmark videos for quick access. Following are direct links to Technical Communication Suite, FrameMaker, and RoboHelp videos:

What are some popular resources?

FrameMaker Adobe Resources

FrameMaker non-Adobe, user resources

TCS resources

RoboHelp non-Adobe, user resources

FrameMaker Developer resources

RoboHelp resources

Can I contribute to the help content?

Sure! Your contributions are welcome. All you need is an Adobe ID and the Community Publishing System app. See the link for more information:

Gyanesh Talwar

Gyanesh Talwar works as Senior Content and Community Lead with Adobe Systems where he plans and delivers help content for Adobe® Creative Cloud™ Packager. He has spoken at national and international conferences on DITA, FrameMaker, S1000D, and mobile documentation. Gyanesh specializes in DITA and XML. Twitter handle: gyntlw

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