Bloggernama – Feb 2012

Here’s a compilation of blogs we read and liked in February 2012:

A Reverse Approach to Help Authoring: Writing Documentation Post-Release

Building E-Books: A Tool Overview for Technical Writers

Collaborative Authoring and Communication Tools Help Writers, Editors, SMEs Work Together

Content Strategist v Technical Author – spot the difference

Documentation Manager – the impossible vacancy to fill?

Everyone Into “The Content Pool”: An Interview With Alan J. Porter

Find out how users use your documentation

It’s all about styleUseful writing tips

On Being an Individual Contributor

User documentation from an accountant’s perspective

Why don’t technical writers use wikis — or do they?


Happy Reading!

TechComm @ Adobe

Parth Mukherjee

Parth Mukherjee was the Marketing Manager for Adobe's Technical Communications product line from August 2011 to May 2013.

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