Leading machinery manufacturer uses Technical Communication Suite to provide customers with easily accessible, onscreen technical documentation

Wednesday, April 18 2012 @ 2:08 PM, By Parth Mukherjee

For the complete case study, click here: http://adobe.ly/y2eZny

To try the Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3.5, click here: http://bit.ly/TRYTCS

Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik GmbH is a top industrial machinery manufacturer in Germany. The company partnered with document production consultancy SQUIDDS, which suggested the company leverage Adobe Technical Communication Suite and Adobe Creative Suite software to create and deliver easily accessible, onscreen technical documentation to customers.

Bernd Bickl, manager of the technical documentation department, recently talked about how Adobe solutions play an integral role in providing customers with easy-to-access, high-quality technical help documents for its machinery. Bickl says, “With Adobe FrameMaker and other Adobe software, important information such as software documentation, spare parts lists, and video materials can be generated approximately 30% faster and accessed directly from a machine without staff intervention or a support phone call.”

Bihler strives to make sure that technical documentation for its machinery is always up-to-date and readily accessible on its machine systems. SQUIDDS helped Bihler adopt Adobe Technical Communication Suite to convert all of its technical documentation to Adobe PDF files that are available on its machines using free Adobe Reader. SQUIDDS developed customized templates in Adobe FrameMaker to accelerate developing touchscreen-accessible documentation.

Adobe Creative Suite enables Bihler and SQUIDDS to integrate videos and vector files, along with additional drawings, and seamlessly compile them into 3D PDF files for quick delivery and navigation on device touchscreens. Switching to an innovative touchscreen for technical documentation not only aligns with the needs of its modern consumers, but also saves Bihler money on operating and technical documentation storage costs. In addition, Bihler now empowers customers to identify and reorder machine components on a machine’s touchscreen, which has decreased order turnaround times by as much as 80%. To learn more about how Bihler uses Adobe Technical Communication Suite software, click here: http://adobe.ly/y2eZny


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