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We have been working on improving the FrameMaker Developer Kit (FDK) documentation and consolidating the different pieces. We are pleased to share the updated FDK 10 documentation with you.

The documentation is available in the FDK section of the Adobe FrameMaker Devnet page.

Documentation Structure
The documentation consists of three books:

  • FDK Programmer’s Guide: The FDK Programmer’s Guide describes how to use the FDK to create clients for FrameMaker products. The FDK Programmer’s Guide is divided into the following parts:
    • Part I, “Getting Started”, provides step-by-step guidance for getting familiar with the FDK.
    • Part II, “Frame Product Architecture,” provides a conceptual overview of how the API represents sessions, books, and documents.
    • Part III, “Frame Application Program Interface (API)” provides instructions for creating API clients.
    • Part IV, “Frame Development Environment” is retained for compatibility and provides instructions for making filters and API clients platform-independent.
  • FDK Programmer’s Reference: The FDK Programmer’s Reference provides detailed FDK reference information, such as error codes and data structure, function, and property descriptions. It also includes a section on Function Summary, which is very useful when you know what you want to do, but are not sure which function to use.
  • Installation Guide: The Installation contains information on how to install the FDK. It also includes a description of the content available in the respective folders created during the FDK installation.

Key Enhancements
Here are the key enhancements made in FDK 10 documentation:

  • Previously, the documentation was spread into a base version 7.1 documentation and several addendums for each version after that. In this release, we have consolidated all these pieces in the FDK Programmer’s Guide and the FDK Programmer’s Reference.
  • As FDK 10 is only for the Windows platform, the Windows Platform Guide has been updated and merged with the Programmer’s Guide.
  • The references to the UNIX and Mac platforms, and the functions meant specifically for these platforms have been removed. If you are using a previous release of the FDK and want to refer to the features previously available for these platforms, see the documentation for that release.
  • A new section, Getting Started, has been added to the Programmer’s Guide. This section provides step-by-step instructions on getting familiar with FDK 10 and writing your first FDK client.
  • A new Installation Guide has been added.
  • A new chapter on Unicode support has been added to the Programmer’s Guide.

We welcome your feedback on the updated documentation.

Asit Pant
FDK 10 documentation team

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Posted on 05-30-2012


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