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On 24th July, RoboHelp 10 was launched along with the rest of the Adobe Technical Communication Suite launch.

There have been several reviews help, policy & procedure authoring and publishing experts have written about the latest launch. We wanted to highlight some of the key things that these reviewers and other experts have said about RoboHelp 10.


  • “Adobe RoboHelp 10 delivers enough for die hard WebHelp, .CHM and print users as well as those creating mobile or tablet content.” – Colum McAndrew‘s review named “These are a few of my favorite things
  • “CSS3, and support for Media Queries moves Adobe RoboHelp 10 into the mobile space in a big way – from smartphones to tablets and beyond.” —Neil Perlin, President, Hyper/Word Services
  • “Adobe focused most of its attention on bringing RoboHelp into the modern era, where “responsive design,” “cloud” and “mobile first” become the central buzzwords applied to software applications.” – Mike McCallister‘s in his detailed review (here) on TechWhirl
  • “It’s also much easier to collaborate and review content with SMEs and other stakeholders who do not have RoboHelp—this cuts development and delivery time and creates a more efficient development workflow.” —Kathy Burke, Technical Writer, McKesson
  • “Detail changes give more control over editing styles and now I can edit the CSS in the Design Editor as well. For those experienced with CSS code, this allows full control and dispenses with the need for third party tools.” —Peter Grainge, Documentation Manager, Advanced Business Solutions
  • “We have clients who are exploring the option of providing their managers with tablets. The ability to output their procedures to a format designed for a tablet is terrific—it really opens up the possibilities!” —Pam Harrison, Co-owner, Lightext, Inc.


Multiscreen HTML5: 

  • “With the versatile multiscreen HTML 5 publishing capabilities, RoboHelp 10 makes it easy to port your customer support and procedural content to iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and other mobile devices out-of-the-box.” – Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler,
  • “I’ve cut down the number of Robohelp outputs in my project from 6 or 7 down to just one Multiscreen output—HTML5. In Adobe RoboHelp 10, the HTML5 and CSS3 displays an optimal view of that content based on the user’s screen size. No need to set up individual layouts for separate versions and for separate job functions.” —Matt Sullivan, Independent Adobe certified instructor
  • “With RoboHelp 10, help has the same appearance regardless of location—this is something my product managers have been wanting for some time.” —Peter Grainge, Documentation Manager, Advanced
  • “The powerful new Multiscreen HTML5 outputs and SharePoint native integration alone make upgrading to Adobe RoboHelp 10 a must.” —John Daigle, President & owner, Evergreen Online Learning, LLC
  • The support of HTML5, Media Query, and Multiscreen output in RoboHelp 10 assists technical communication professionals in reaching their objectives.” —Joe Welinske, President, WritersUA
Mobile publishing and others:
  • “The mobile features that Adobe has included in Adobe RoboHelp 10 mark a tremendous leap forward into one of the hottest new areas in technology for technical communication.” —Neil Perlin, President, Hyper/Word Services
  • “Not only can I finally create Help for mobile devices, there are now no more frames and an incredibly powerful layout editor.” —William van Weelden, Technical Writer, Centric IT Solutions
  • “Adobe has made significant advances in breaking away from the traditional tripane model for user assistance and enabling new paradigms that are better suited to today’s mobile consumers of information.” —Matthew Ellison, Director, UA Europe
  • “For authors working in a SharePoint environment, the new integration in version 10 will be a godsend.” – Tony Self of HyperWrite writes the RoboHelp 10 review
  • “The Find and Replace enhancements in Adobe RoboHelp 10 save me a significant amount of time when reviewing and analyzing results.” – LaKisha McKenney, Technical writing and documentation lead, Meridian Knowledge Solutions

If you’d like to add to these quotes, do visit the RoboHelp 10 page, download a 30-day free trial or test-drive it without downloads or installations.

Hoping to hear more encouraging words,

Team TechComm @ Adobe

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Posted on 08-30-2012


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