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Wednesday, August 8 2012 @ 11:12 AM, By Parth Mukherjee

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Executive Summary: The era of Technical Communications 2.0 is here, presenting technical communicators with unprecedented opportunities to expand their roles, increase their internal visibility, and grow the value and reach of every publication they work on. To do this, they must become aware of three top trends that are currently driving the creation and delivery of technical documentation:

  • The push for multi-device publishing
  • The demand for rich media
  • End-user expectation for social, interactive help experiences

To transition successfully from exclusively print-based publications to more visual, interactive documentation, a growing number of technical communication professionals are turning to Adobe® Technical Communication Suite. Using this complete single-source authoring toolkit, technical communicators can:

  • Respond to the mobile revolution by creating content that can be published in a single click to multiple formats
  • Satisfy end users’ demand for rich media by creating technical documents that include interactive how-to movies and animated 3D models
  • Transform traditionally static, tri-pane help files into interactive experiences where users can add comments, feedback, and ratings

This white paper features real-world examples of technical documentation professionals, who use one or more tools in Adobe Technical Communication Suite to deliver visually rich documentation, interactive social help experiences, and always-available access across a range of smartphones, tablets, e-readers, laptops, and desktop computers. It also presents suggested workflows and high-level techniques for creating highly visual, rich, and engaging technical publications—without a steep learning curve.

Table of Contents:

1 Executive summary
1 New opportunities for technical communicators
2 From the drawing board to the digital desktop and beyond
2 Development one: the push for multidevice publishing
3 Development two: the demand for rich media
5 Development three: end-user expectation of social, interactive help experiences
7 Give your documentation the interactive edge

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