LavaCon is here, and so is Adobe Day

Thursday, September 6 2012 @ 9:55 AM, By Parth Mukherjee

Over the last year Adobe organized several Adobe Day events in conjunction with leading industry events in the US. Attendees enjoyed thought-provoking sessions from industry leaders and also the networking sessions over coffee and lunch.

And now, once again we are proud to present to you Adobe Day @ LavaCon Conference 2012 on October 6 [8AM-1PM] at Portland, Oregon.

This half day event is scheduled one day before the start of the LavaCon Conference. Confirmed attendees and speakers include industry stalwarts like Al Martine, Ben Slone, Bernard Aschwanden, Beth Gerber, Connie Giordano, Danielle Villegas, Joe Ganci, Joe Gollner, Joe Welinske, Laura Brandon, Mark Lewis, Pam Harrison, Sarah O’Keefe, Scott Abel, and Val Swisher.

Click here to register. Note: attendees can sign up only for Adobe Day even if they are not registered for LavaCon. Also, Adobe welcomes one and all to sign up for LavaCon with a $50 discount on the registration fee and / or enter a raffle for a complimentary box of the spanking new Adobe Technical Communication Suite 4.

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Look forward to another great Adobe Day event and many wonderful conversations!
– Team TechComm @ Adobe


  • By pubsgal - 6:42 PM on October 2, 2012  

    I recently registered for LavaCon and was interested in attending this event. I completed the registration form, only to see the small print that the deadline was October 1st. Whom can I contact about getting this extended? I tried the “Contact Us” button, but email delivery failed to

    • By Michael Boses - 11:09 PM on October 2, 2012  

      @pubsgal, I received an email from Jack this afternoon promoting the Adobe Day, so you may be in luck. You might want to contact him at Regards, Michael

      • By pubsgal - 5:19 PM on October 3, 2012  

        Thanks, Michael!
        And thank you, Mr. Mukherjee, for responding to me regarding this event. Looking forward to it!

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