Installing, configuring, and publishing on RoboHelp Server 9

Adobe RoboHelp Server is a server-based Help solution that provides real-time end-user feedback on your Help and knowledgebase. RoboHelp Server gathers and logs data about what questions users ask while searching content and how users navigate through topics. Results are displayed in an easy-to-view graphical format for quick interpretation. Your Help system resides on a server (for example, Adobe Help Resource Center), and you can make instant updates to your Help content.

RoboHelp Server contains the back-end processes, database functionality, and ODBC connections necessary to integrate it. RoboHelp Server works with the authoring tool, so that authors can edit content, set master project options, maintain windows, and view reports.

RoboHelp Server interaction with different components
RoboHelp Server interaction with different components

Features of Adobe Robohelp Server 9

  • User authentication: Segregate help content into protected and public areas, and assign rights to individual users or groups, including view only, publish, and report.
  • Simplified deployment and configuration: Easily configure RoboHelp Server 9 to authenticate administrators and users. Web administrators can open and delete projects, manage users, areas, and projects, view reports, schedule databases, and search.
  • Enhanced search features: Take advantage of enhanced search features, including search results ranking, keyword and synonym searches, multiple language and phrase searches, exclude or show topic context, wildcard searches, and baggage file searches. Now the search also includes DOCX, PPTX, and XLSX files.
  • Data migration from RoboHelp Server 8: Migrate projects, users, usage reports, and area information from RoboHelp Server 8 to RoboHelp Server 9 with a single click.
  • Enhanced Configuration Manager: Configure LDAP, search, database, and admin settings using the Configuration Manager.
  • LDAP integration: Allows LDAP users to authenticate on RoboHelp Server 9 as well as comment on the Adobe AIR® help output integrated with RoboHelp Server 9.
  • Tracking and reporting: Find information gaps and optimize your content with data tracking. Locate areas where users make repeated requests for information. Find out which searches are repeated and how users navigate content, and gather operating system and browser data.

System requirements

Publishing Adobe Robohelp 10 projects on Adobe RoboHelp Server 9

You can publish only two types of outputs on Robohelp Server 9: WebHelp Pro and FlashHelp Pro.

Installing, configuring, and publishing on RoboHelp Server 9

See the attached video tutorial: Install configure and publish on RoboHelpServer9

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Submitted by: Vikram Gaur, Tech Support Engineer

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