Preview both FrameMaker 11 and Training Book in one Recording!

ShowCover.aspLong time FrameMaker maven and trainer, Barb Binder of Rocky Mountain Training, was our recent webinar guest in a lively session entitled “FrameMaker 11 Classroom in a Book: meet the author, see it on iPad!” In this engaging interview, Barb revealed what led her to write the book in the first place, and the reception it has received from her students since the book’s publication in late January.

You may view the recording by clicking here.

Barb confirmed that Microsoft Word is still the most common background for students new to FrameMaker. Like other webinar guests, Barb has found that some very established FrameMaker functions draw strong, positive reactions from Word users new to FrameMaker. Yes, FrameMaker is a complex product on the surface, and everyone needs some degree of guidance (via self-study book or training) to get on the right track. But the product has very repetitious workflow models; once you have mastered one form of catalog, you basically know the steps for adding character, table or other styles as well.

Easy access to a great FrameMaker 11 resource as an eBook

eBook captureFortunately, AdobePress decided to have Barb publish this FrameMaker 11 version of her book in eBook format, so it is highly accessible and easy to access on your screen while using the product.  After the initial interview, about 30 minutes into the recording, Barb provides an interactive view of the eBook. She follows this with several live exercises in FrameMaker to illustrate just how easy the book is by:

  • Creating an object style for a page margin anchored frame for an icon that can be universally updated
  • Importing a 3D graphic and creating links from text to different views or animations of the graphic, which become dynamic in saved PDF.

A quick and efficient overview of both product and the book

In short, you will find this recorded webinar (a) highly engaging (b) very informative (c) stimulating due to Barb Binder’s infectious enthusiasm for tech comm solutions and (d) a terrific preview of the book. Incidentally, you may order your own copy of the book at the following URL:

Have your own hands-on with FrameMaker 11 and decide how you can use it

Adobe Technical Communication Suite 4 includes FrameMaker 11, which is an excellent authoring solution and also a versatile structured editor for DITA/XML. The possibilities with these new tools are as limitless as the profiles of our existing and potential customers. To discover how you can use FrameMaker, download a trial copy of FrameMaker 11 today. After having your own hands-on, you may decide in favor of the best bargain of all, obtaining a cloud subscription to the entire Tech Comm Suite 4, which includes RoboHelp 10, Captivate 6 and other products in addition to FrameMaker 11.

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