Lavacon13 Thought Leaders 9) Tagging Languages and Benefits of Using FrameMaker

Tuesday, December 31 2013 @ 12:29 AM, By Maxwell Hoffmann

In episode 9 of our Lavacon 2013 Thought Leader series, we highlight interviews with two more though leaders. This time the focus is on “Tagging Languages & Benefits of Internal Integration” and “Benefits of Using FrameMaker.”

Read on and view these mini-videos to see what our first collection of thought leaders have to say.

Alan Pringle: Tagging Languages & Benefits of Internal Integration

Alan Pringle of Scriptorium gives two pieces of advice: (1) get a decent understanding of tagging languages like XML and DITA. (2) Don’t isolate yourself as a “tech comm” department. Reach out to all divisions of the company and your customers whom you are creating content for.


Matt Sullivan: Benefits of Using FrameMaker

Sullivan has created a lot of projects, including print output, using many products, including FrameMaker. Sullivan likes FrameMaker because it allows him to structure documents for efficiently, whther working with binary structured FrameMaker files or XML. Sullivan maintains that FrameMaker allows him to make edits over time more efficiently than working with other products.



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