FrameMaker 12.0.1 ReadMe

FrameMaker 12.0.1 Update Released

Today, we released an important update to FM12 (Number 12.0.1). This update contains fixes for several important issues including printing of a book in unstructured mode, font substitution in search and replace with regular expressions. You can see the complete list of issues, which have been fixed, by going here.

FrameMaker 12.0.1 Changes

  • Generating a list or an index of references (imported graphics) results in a blank file.
  • The Find and Change feature in Regular Expressions causes any replaced text to be formatted in Times New Roman with size as 12pt Default. This is irrespective of font and font-size of the replaced text.
  • Accessing WebHelp locally (not accessing the help via a Web Server) from Chrome on Mac does not show TOC & search.
  • When a Glossary / GlossaryTerm is not present in the first .fm file of a book, the Glossary popup feature does not work for any of the .fm files in the book.
  • When a window-intensive application like “Lotus Notes” is open, then FrameMaker takes a long time to open Publish pod or the workspace containing the Publish pod.
  • FrameMaker crashes on printing a book in unstructured mode.

Your product update will be pushed automatically to your desktop. Alternatively, you can click on Help > Updates in the FM interface to install your update.

Thanks to all of you for helping us identify many of these issues and we are happy to provide a resolution for them.

Kapil Verma

Kapil Verma

Kapil Verma was the (Senior) Product Manager for FrameMaker from 2009 to 2011 and Senior Product Manager (Head of Product Management) for the Technical Communication Suite at Adobe until 2015.

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