MathML is XML; Structured Math Authoring for FrameMaker 12


We recently hosted a fascinating webinar that focused on FrameMaker 12’s new integration with MathML equation editing via a software editor by Design Science. Autumn Ceullar, of Design Science, gave an excellent overview of what MathML is, what it’s advantages are, and how you can use it effectively within structured FrameMaker 12. (For the record, you can also insert and edit MathML equations in regular, unstructured FrameMaker 12.)

03 video cameraView the webinar recording

You may view this dynamic webinar by clicking here: MathML is XML; Structured Math Authoring for FrameMaker 12

This recording will be of interest to anyone who produces content for an enterprise that may eventually require math equations or scientific notaiton. Think you “hate math?” Watch this session to discover just how much “fun” complex equations can be. If you’re making the jump to structured authoring, learn about XML-based MathFlow:

  • What does structured math content look like, and where can it be used?
  • What is the difference between the MathFlow Style and Structure Editors?
  • Discover benefits of MathML which range from searchable math content to reduced localization costs (even long division can require different presentation in some European markets)

Time line for key points and demonstration highlights

The following time line will give you “jump points” that you can fast forward to in order to effectively use this webinar for reference:

  • 08:00 = what is structured math?01 EQ
  • 08:20= Interoperability with other content
  • 09:30 = brief demo of capturing XML content from MathML equation to insert into XML based blog
  • 11:17 = Benefits of Searchability
  • 12:00 = Benefits of Localization
    • Can use style sheets to reformat equations (e.g long division) for non-North American audiences
  • 13:00 = Flexibility to target multiple devices
  • 14:50 = Accessibility standards for audiences who require sound or other navigation tools
  • 15:20 = where can you use MathML?
  • 17:00 = MathJAX and how it is used
  • 19:45 = Style Editor vs. Structure Editor (which to use?)
  • 23:45 = using the tab tool bar for reusable elements
  • 28:00 = using the source view to see actual code
  • 30:00 = example of inserting a comment in code view
  • 31:50 = how to modify formatting when using words vs. integers
  • 38:00 = inserting line break for equations that extend beyond margin
  • 39:00 = using indentation
  • 40:00 = uses of the INSERT dialog; common usage

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Posted on 04-08-2014


  • By Lois Patterson - 12:46 AM on April 16, 2014   Reply

    I’m always happy to see math support, although I’m not currently using FrameMaker. I have to say the old style of equations in FrameMaker were terribly painful.

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