FrameMaker 12 & S1000D: Modular Tech Authoring for Defense, Aerospace & Aviation

This blog post summarizes a highly compelling eSeminar on a FrameMaker S1000D solution from ADG presented by Tammy Halter.

Get the recording here:
FrameMaker 12 & S1000D: Modular Tech Authoring for Defense, Aerospace & Aviation.

Minute Markers for viewing the recording


Overview of ADG’s S1000D Product Suite


10 Blog TERMSOverview of Terminology and Items being demonstrated; how FrameMaker features map to S1000D concepts


Prepping for BUILD Data Modules; a huge time-saving tool


Demo of FrameMaker using this SW to automatically drop required attributes and values into the file (starting a new Descriptive)


View of Blank Template in FrameMaker Structure View


Demo of WYSIWYG authoring ease


Working with the preview window


Options presented when checking out a module


Working with an IETP


View of how cross-references work within S1000D environment

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