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Today, I have some exciting news to share with you! It is my pleasure to announce the availability of the new version of Adobe’s Technical Communication Suite (2015 release). As part of the suite, we released new versions of FrameMaker (FM) line of products as well.

Yes, you read it right! It is not FrameMaker 13 but rather FrameMaker (2015 release). The version numbering has been changed for all Adobe Tech Communication products to reflect the year of the release rather than a sequential number. No more guessing when a certain release came out 🙂

Read on for more details to learn what is new in this release of FrameMaker. If you are looking for more information on RoboHelp (2015 release), please read another post here.

Serve a global audience with Right to left languages (RTL) support



Now, you can create and publish content in Arabic and Hebrew with FrameMaker (2015 release) and serve a growing market in these regions. Not just that, you can also work with bi-directional content i.e. you can have both left-to-right (LTR) as well as right-to-left (RTL) content in the same document and even in the same paragraph! Some highlights of the feature

  • Author content in Arabic/Hebrew OR translate from your source language into these languages. You can also author structured XML content in these RTL languages
  • Leverage the new “direction” property and inheritance model to easily flip documents and objects to RTL with 1-click
  • Work with “mixed” books with mixed LTR and RTL chapters, as well as mixed generated components such as mixed TOC
  • Use Arabic and Hebrew numbering, do digit conversion and optionally mirror graphics as well
  • Lastly, publish your RTL content from within FM to multiple formats: PDF, HTML5, Mobile Apps, WebHelp, CHM, EPUB, KF8 and MOBI. You can even use specially designed RTL WebHelp skins and flip HTML5 layouts.

See this in action

Publish for mobile devices, now with generating mobile apps



FM (2015 release) is your single stop for all your multichannel, multi-device publishing needs. You can publish your content in FM for multiple screens in 7 different formats besides PDF.

  • Publish all content (XML/Unstructured, LTR/RTL/Bi-directional) content to variety of formats – PDF, Responsive HTML5, Mobile Apps, EPUB, WebHelp,  KF8, MOBI, and CHM
  • Easily create content centric Mobile Apps for iOS and Android platforms, by leveraging a simplified workflow and native integration with Adobe PhoneGap Build.
  • Leverage enhanced HTML5 support with new modern HTML5 layouts, ability to customize, faster loading, social media widget support and even the ability to flip to RTL
  • Enjoy other features such as ability to embed fonts in EPUB and webhelp skins

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Work faster, accomplish more



FrameMaker 2015 release comes with a host of new functionality/enhancements intended to boost your productivity and to empower you to do more with content. Some of these include

  • More usable tables support with several enhancements such as drag and drop columns/rows, arrow keys to navigate cells, TAB key to insert rows, and easily insert table continuation variables
  • Create mini-TOC at the document level to provide navigation within the published document
  • More powerful conditional text support such as apply conditions at the book level and on table columns, and more easily make out applied conditions on tables and graphics
  • Leverage “Packager” to create a self-contained package of your documents, books or DITA maps

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Collaborate more effectively



Now, you have even more powerful features to collaborate with SMEs on content creation.

  • Smoother word import: While importing Word documents, you can map Word styles to FM styles, or create new ones automatically from the imported styles. Bring in Word formatting and inline Word styles, as needed.
  • CMS integration: Leverage out of the box integration with several leading CMS/CCMS including the new connector with the DITA-Exchange CCMS, and existing connectors with Adobe Experience Manager, EMC Documentum and Microsoft SharePoint.

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Best-in-class XML authoring, now simplified for SMEs



Now, enjoy an even more powerful XML/DITA authoring support in FM and FMXA 2015 release.

  • Simplified XML authoring: Now, SMEs and casual contributors can create valid XML without worrying about XML complexities. Work faster with a simplified user interface, a “form-like” easy-to-fill authoring experience, and the ability to insert objects easily using the enhanced Quick Element toolbar
  • DITA 1.3. support (preview): Support for DITA 1.3 topic types, including topic, task, concept, reference, glossentry, glossgroup, DITA, and the new troubleshooting, learningObjectMap and learningGroupMap.
  • Enhanced Quick Element toolbar: Insert content even more easily with the enhanced, always-enabled toolbar, as it identifies the next valid location for you.
  • MathML inline equations became easier: Easily create inline equations that inherit paragraph properties, such as fonts and background color, and are now exported as high-quality vector graphics. Leverage the native integration with the powerful MathFlow™ editor from Design Science.
  • Enhanced Structure view: Enhancements including locate element in the XML tree, expand/collapse elements and attributes, visual indication of validity even before dropping, drop in an empty element etc.

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Dynamic Content Personalization by end users



Now, you can empower your end users to “personalize the content, dynamically” while they are viewing it, without having to publish multiple copies of your content. You (as the writer) control the parameters of personalization while end users use these in real time.

  • End users can use the dynamic filters provided by you to find the relevant content for them
  • You can filter the content in the document as well as TOC and search.
  • Leverage existing conditional tags / tagged content to create these dynamic filters

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Enjoy a “rock-solid” product

Enjoy several UI and UX enhancements to FrameMaker including

  • Usability: Resize commonly used pods such as cross references, conditional text, insert tables, and TOC. Easily drag and drop files to open, even while dragging onto pods.
  • “Smart” filter in pods: Now, you can easily find the relevant item in the paragraph, character, and table designers by typing in the text box and the list gets filtered.
  • UI enhancements: Easily identify pods with colored boundaries, easily locate pods where you last closed them, specify colors using integer RGB values in the enhanced color definition pod.
  • Improved performance: Enjoy must faster EDD customization and FM-AEM connector
  • Several bug fixes and overall improved product stability

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In addition to the FrameMaker 2015 release, we also simultaneously launched FrameMaker XML Author (2015 release) and FrameMaker Publishing Server (2015 release). Several of the features I have outlined on XML and multi-device publishing are relevant for FMXA and FMPS products. For more detailed information, please visit the homepages by clicking on the links above.

Additional Resources

If you are interested in learning more about the new release, here are some resources.

I held a live webinar on June 16th with many product/feature demos. If you missed this session, here is the link to view the RECORDING:

PRODUCT LAUNCH: What’s new in FrameMaker (2015 Release)

Hope you will find many of these features/enhancements useful for your specific needs and that you will enjoy working with this new release and get more out of the product. Please do keep your feedback coming, as it really helps us improve our products. We really appreciate it!


Lastly, please help us spread the word about the new release and the live webinar in your network. Here are some ready tweets for you to use


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Kapil Verma

Posted on 06-02-2015


  • By Dieter Gust - 12:02 PM on June 3, 2015   Reply

    Congratulations for a great work done!
    We finally got several exciting new features. My favorites:

    1.) Right-to-left languages covered by the standard product, no tricks, no separate language license, wouhh!

    2.) HTML5 out-of-the-box and apps out-of-the-box, covering some real new enhancements like UI based responsive design breakpoints settings, wouhh
    and not to forget a smooth fade-in of the navigation pane, wouhh!

    To check most of the new features I like the feature comparison matrix:

    Dieter Gust

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