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Today, more and more organizations are opting for content collaboration as the way to build quality content. We are delighted to announce the launch of XML Documentation Add-on for Adobe Experience Manager – a brand new product for all our users who have been looking for an end-to-end solution for DITA content. The solution will enable all stages of the content lifecycle – authoring, content management, collaboration, translation and publishing through a single platform.

What is Adobe Experience Manager?

Adobe Experience Manager is a market leader in Enterprise Content Management Systems. It’s a comprehensive content management solution for building websites, mobile apps, and forms. And it makes it easy to manage your marketing content and assets.

What is XML Documentation Add-on for Adobe Experience Manager?

By making Adobe Experience Manager DITA-aware, XML Documentation Add-on extends its capabilities and transforms it into a full-fledged, enterprise-class DITA Component Content Management System (CCMS).

It provides all core CCMS functions such as version management, review and approval, search, translation management and content readiness reports.

XML Documentation Add-on for Adobe Experience Manger

Being built on a mature platform like Adobe Experience Manager, you automatically get access to advanced features like configurable workflow management, project and task management, translation management, integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud, and other components. It also gives you easy access to other Adobe solutions like Adobe Analytics, Adobe Experience Manager Communities, Adobe Experience Manager Forms, Adobe Experience Manager Mobile and Scene7.

With XML Documentation Add-on for Adobe Experience Manager it is now possible to host technical content on the same platform as the marketing content. This will help create consistent user experiences for pre- and post-sales content. It also opens up the possibility to use DITA to create marketing content, improving content reuse, single-sourcing, manageability, etc.

The solution gives you advanced reporting to easily assess content readiness before publishing the content. You can check for all the critical issues like broken links and references, review and approval status, translation status. This can help you perform a comprehensive sanity check in the final stages before your content goes out.

Best-in-class Multichannel Publishing of DITA Content

AEM Multichannel Publishing

To publish DITA content to AEM Sites, you no longer need to manage multiple systems, thereby reducing your total cost of ownership. Since Adobe Experience Manager can now handle DITA content natively, it can render DITA content without requiring any conversion, increasing content velocity.

The solution allows publishing to a variety of popular formats like AEM Sites, AEM Mobile, PDF and Responsive HTML5, mobile apps, EPUB and even amazon Kindle. Moreover, the output is completely customizable to incorporate your brand and integrate seamlessly with your publishing ecosystem. The output can also be personalized to deliver relevant content to achieve customer delight.

Industry-leading Translation Management and Localization Support

AEM Translation Management

With built-in connectors for leading translation providers, no human intervention is required after you send off the content for translation. The translated content comes back seamlessly into the repository for your review. It reduces the time and effort needed to keep your content up-to-date. With ways to identify and translate only modified content, it significantly reduces localization costs. You can also selectively publish content, thereby achieving continual updates of your content in less time.

Built in DITA Web Editor

AEM DITA Authoring

The built-in web editor that comes with the add-on has an intuitive word-processing interface, which provides an easy entry for subject matter experts, casual contributors, and reviewers who might not be trained to use DITA. The contributed content is saved as valid DITA content, thereby easing the work for the authors. It also provides web-based review and approval workflows to help authors and reviewers collaborate efficiently.

Integration with Adobe FrameMaker (2015 release)

AEM Integration with FrameMaker

FrameMaker (2015 release, with Update 4) is fully integrated with the solution to enable offline authoring. You can carry out version management, search and review management on the repository from within FrameMaker itself.

Extensive Tag Management Support for Personalized Output

AEM DITA Tag Management

Leverage the extensive tag management support in Experience Manager to apply relevant tags on DITA source content. Use these tags to provide end users with highly personalized content experiences.

Benefits at a glance

  • End-to-end DITA Solution

  • Single CMS for marketing and technical content with lower maintenance overheads

  • Consistent user experience for pre- and post- sales content

  • Web Based Content Collaboration via a Topic Editor, Map Editor, and Content Review and Approval workflows

  • Full integration with Adobe FrameMaker 2015 for offline authoring

  • Higher content velocity and lower cost of ownership for Adobe Experience Manager Publishing

  • Customizable and personalized multi-channel publishing

  • Fully integrated translation workflows with cost reduction and faster time to market

  • Advanced reporting for assessing content readiness

  • Access to tools in the Adobe Marketing Cloud

Here is what Industry Thought Leaders have to say about the solution

This is what industry tought leaders think about XML Documentation Add-on for Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe’s new DITA CCMS:

“Our tech doc team manages a library of over 200 technical guides, and typically publishes over 25 guides each month. Given our Agile software development methodology, we operate with short release cycles and need to reuse a lot of common content across our library. To increase efficiency, we wanted to find a solution in which we could author, review, approve, and publish all within the same tool set. And, since we currently author our content in FrameMaker, it made sense to stay in that environment to reduce the team’s learning curve. Adobe’s solution will allow us to do this, as well as help streamline our localization process.”

Kathy Miller – Senior Director, CyberSource, a VISA company

“The XML Documentation Add-on for Adobe Experience Manager and seamless integration with FrameMaker show Adobe’s commitment to supporting the growing needs of companies by addressing the full XML workflow of creation, editing, review, and publishing.”

Maria Casino – Marketing Manager, Intersil

“Having had an advanced look at the XML Documentation Add-on for Adobe Experience Manager, I am very pleased to see Adobe’s contribution to DITA-supported component content management. By adding a DITA layer on top of Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe brings a full array of important capabilities to its customers, including a web editor for reviewers, a comprehensive publishing solution with both the DITA OpenToolkit and Experience Manager and FrameMaker Publishing Server 2015, and a dynamic delivery web-based environment. Adobe’s roadmap promises even more important capabilities in the near future that will enrich this solution further. I’m excited to try it out.”

JoAnn Hackos – President, Comtech Services Inc.

“The web world has been asking for reusable structured content for years, but until only recently, it was not asking by name. Today, medium and large enterprises from many vertical industries are looking for content reuse, personalization, consistent structure, more manageable translation costs, and of course, the separation of content from display to support multi or Omni channel user journeys. The XML Documentation Add-on for Adobe Experience Manager will be a milestone in the web industry for the advancement of these goals. Intelligent, semantic, structured content has come of age, and Adobe is providing a powerful platform for brands to take advantage of it across their customer and content lifecycles. I’m delighted to learn about the launch of this new solution from the Adobe Technical Communication team, as it is addressing a key gap in the market and will no doubt support many new and existing users of structure to leverage their content investments in powerful ways. Customer experiences around the world just started getting that much better.”

Noz Urbina – Content Strategist and Founder, Urbina Consulting

“Imagine a DITA CCMS that is built on the powerful yet sleek foundation of a Web CMS but manages DITA content. That’s Adobe’s XML Documentation Add-on for Experience Manager and it’s looking good. Really good!

Translation management and vendor connectors. DAM. Workflow. Metadata! Collaborative review. Publishing connectors to the DITA OT and Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server 2015. Component management and all that entails. XML editors—use your own (including FrameMaker, of course) or the intuitive web-based DITA editor built right in. And it’s not just cobbled together like Frankenstein’s monster. It looks and acts like a CCMS that DITA technical communication professionals want and need. The entire interface is web-based, so speed and usability factors are very, very impressive. We still have to get to know each other better but at first look, XML Documentation Add-on for Adobe Experience Manager is one sexy beast!”

Jacquie Samuels – DITA Consultant, Publishing Smarter and Writing Wise

Can I get a personal demo of the solution?

If you are interested in a personal demo of the product or understand how it will work in your organization, you can reach out to us at

Additional Resources

We have placed a host of helpful resources online to help you further explore this new product. Here are the links to some of these:

Product Websites











Solution Brief (PDF)

[EN] Solution Brief

[DE] Einführung

[FR] Présentation de la solution

[JP] ソリューション概要

Launch Video

XML Documentation Add on for Adobe Experience Manager video on YouTube

Launch Webinar (live)

XML Documentation Add on for Adobe Experience Manager Live Webinar on August 30, 2016 (9:00 am – 10:30 am PDT)

User Guide

User Guide

XML Documentation Add-On for Adobe Experience Manager – User-Guide (English)

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