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Good technical documentation needs people with many skills and organizational talents. The focus is the management of information. The right tools are needed to cope with the challenges efficiently. TIM ONE, the smart content management system, and Adobe FrameMaker, the editor of choice for technical documentation, are the perfect matching tools for your technical writers.

Easily creating contents with FrameMaker

Our content-management-system TIM ONE includes the integration of Adobe FrameMaker. Create software-supported and rule-based content with high quality and little effort. Facilitate your daily work with integrated authoring assistance.

Fischer Computertechnik and Adobe have been linked by a successful away partnership for many years now and throughout many product generations away. Fischer Computertechnik launched its first content management system TIM-RS integrating with FrameMaker in 1993 thus incorporating a professional editor from the very beginning.

Today it is possible to use the content management system TIM ONE with integration of FrameMaker as well as FrameMaker XML Author. The FrameMaker XML Author is recommended for the common editorial work for small budgets and is a good alternative to FrameMaker, which can provide further support for example in making adjustments to the layout.

The screenshot shows the integration of FCT TIM ONE in Adobe FrameMaker (2015 release). Visible is the menu “TIM” with several submenus. Highlighted is the menu “Module”, submenu “New”, submenu “New from template”.

Any information available in any place at any time!

The management of diverse data is a complex task and is frequently not transparent in technical documentation. This can cause redundancies and result in information not being up to date. With its object management system, TIM ONE lays the required basis for organizing your data in a transparent manner and monitoring all versions, languages and dependencies.

  • descriptions, text modules, terminology

  • pictures, graphics, drawings, logos, videos

  • user data, product data, resource data

  • external documents from suppliers and partners

  • versions, statuses, languages, variants, dependencies

With TIM ONE manage your data with added value using a fully developed metadata concept and find relevant data quickly and reliably using sophisticated search mechanisms.

The screenshot shows FCT TIM ONE with the components “Structured Editor”, “Object Manager”, “Preview” and “Details”

Minimizing translation costs and organizational work

Amendments and their impact on translations are difficult to organize and result in needless and avoidable translation costs. With TIM ONE and its specific translation features, transparency is ensured for processes, data and costs, and unnecessary translation costs are avoided.

  • Make your work easier with TIM ONE and 25 pre-defined languages.

  • Improve your cooperation with the translator. TIM ONE supports conventional translation memory systems (TMS).

  • Optimize the translation process with export options and statistics for better calculation.

  • Save translation costs through transparency.

The chart shows the content flow in FCT TIM ONE from data delivery (product texts, pictures, drawings and product data) to templates, merging data into templates and production of final content

Multichannel Publication – Meeting the requirements of the market

The Digitalization creates new requirements such as providing information for various media and applications. In this context, resources and processes have reached their limits. TIM ONE integrates processes on the basis of thirty years of experience that optimizes the technical documentation. TIM ONE with its media neutrality offers that once developed contents can be published in different formats e.g. HTML5. TIM ONE supports you when presenting contents for different communication channels, via PDF, on the Web or mobile.

With TIM ONE you are publishing

  • single source

  • multi-channel

  • one-touch on user’s demand

  • Complete documentation including supplier documentation in a DVD publication.

Improve your customer satisfaction using variants based on respective target group (e.g. market, machine, end user, service, etc.).

Rest easy with norm-compliant documentation. The valid standards and guidelines for documentation are difficult to implement due to their complexity and the effort required. This leads to a higher liability risk. TIM ONE integrates the necessary requirements and procedures for documentation workflows that are consistent with rules and standards.

With TIM ONE you are able to create documentation compliant to the following norms and regulations:

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG

  • IEC/ISO 82079-1

  • VDI 4500

  • ANSI Z535.6

  • ISO 3864-2

  • DIN Technical Report 146

  • DIN EN ISO 14121-1 and/or 12100

The screenshots show the “Edit Module Properties” dialog with fields like “Title”, “TIM-ID”, “Version”, “Language”, “Status”, “Infoclass”, “Module”, and many more.

Advantages of TIM ONE at a glance

  • With START SMART, your documentation will be future-proof in 10 days

  • Mature, sound integration with Adobe FrameMaker

  • Functions with real added value on the basis of thirty years of experience and a wide customer base.

  • Teamwork, multi-user system

  • Managing and delivering supplier documents

  • Output in HTML, PDF and DVD formats

  • Templates for documents and other contents are included in the scope of delivery

  • Data transfer possibilities for better cooperation with service providers

About Fischer Computertechnik FCT AG

Fischer Computertechnik FCT AG

Fischer Computertechnik FCT AG – 30 years’ experience – is a solution provider for innovative product communication. The software company situated in Radolfzell (Lake Constance), Germany, develops the content management system TIM in the editions TIM ONE, TIM DITA and TIM ENTERPRISE for creating sophisticated product documentation easily and gladly. In addition, the specialist for machinery and plant engineering offers innovative solutions for SAP/ERP-integration as well as for the creation of marketing documents with integrated Media Asset Management and PIM-system. So, you are well-equipped for the mobile documentation and the distribution of information via the Content Delivery Portal – according to the motto “All information anywhere anytime” – as well as for the international cooperation for Internet of Things.

Fischer Computertechnik FCT AG is among the TOP 100 innovators of German medium-sized enterprises in 2012. More than 200 customers trust in TIM, especially in the machinery and plant engineering sector. Alstom, Bosch, Claas, DMG MORI, Dräger, Festool, Herrenknecht, Kärcher, MTU, Rosenbauer, Stihl and other market leaders use TIM. Become a TIM Player as well!

Please feel free to contact Karin Ziehr, Head of Sales at Fischer Computertechnik FCT AG, if you need any further information concerning the software.

You can also connect with Karin Ziehr on LinkedIn and XING.

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Posted on 09-21-2016

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